Is Shane Dawson Under Criminal Investigation? Allegations [20 FILES :: 435 MB] ๐Ÿ’ž #zBjYTVhNWY3

Shane Dawson's leaked video included his 12-year-old cousin. Through the years, Shane has included "jokes" about pedophilia in his content for shock value. (Spoiler alert: Pedophilia isn't funny.) In one old video that has leaked, Shane and his ex-girlfriend Lisa Schwartz are seen making extremely inappropriate jokes about sex with his 12-year. Veteran YouTuber Shane Dawson has recently come under fire after many of his previous actions have been brought to light, including previous videos featuring blackface, inappropriate jokes toward minors, and other inappropriate behaviors that have resulted in the internet calling for him to be canceled. Shane Dawson's cat story leaves Twitter scandalized, yet again. shane dawson RESPONDS to his "cat scandal" Watch on A detailed account of the cat scandal that surrounded Dawson is. The 29-year-old recently had a picture leaked online, which depicted him on all fours. Fans of the star will recognize the picture from a Valentine's Day prank that his fiance and fellow YouTuber. Now, Shane has revealed on Instagram that the actual purple velvet Blood Lust palette was also 'leaked' in the series and absolutely no one realised. Blood Lust was right in front of our eyes this whole time Jeffree Star's Blood Lust palette was revealed in Shane Dawson's series. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube, @shanedawson via Instagram. LEAKED VIDEO OF SHANE DAWSON DOING SOMETHING DIRTY TO HIS CAT! - YouTube 0:00 / 0:47 LEAKED VIDEO OF SHANE DAWSON DOING SOMETHING DIRTY TO HIS CAT! Potato News 502 subscribers Subscribe. Shane Dawson's DARK PAST Exposed In Leaked Revealing Footage Def Noodles 526K subscribers Join Subscribe 7.7K Share 166K views 2 years ago #shane #familyfriendly #notcool Get Surfshark VPN. Jun 30, 2020 ยท By Doha Madani. YouTube demonetized one of its biggest creators on Tuesday as Shane Dawson faces a reckoning for past videos which featured racist jokes and the sexualization of minors, as well as.