IJEOMA ANIEBO – “ I really appreciate the village that surrounds me.”

23 Sep

Hello Presh Nation! It’s a beautiful Sunday and you already know the vibe. We have a very talented, beautiful and (in the words of Mr Macaroni) Fantabulous actor. She started acting at age 4! I’m sure you’d enjoy this one. Ladies and gentlemen, Ijeoma Aniebo. Enjoy 🌹

Ijeoma Aniebo

PRESH: Please introduce yourself to us

IJEOMA: My name is Ijeoma Aniebo.

PRESH: Tell us what you do and how you started.

IJEOMA: I am an actor. I started performing in my parent’s living room at the age of 4. Went on to doing school plays and finally decided at the age of 12 that I would do this for the rest of my life. I didn’t start professionally until I graduated from university (dem no dey take book play for my house). And I’ve been lucky to be able to do this, ever since

PRESH: Born in Enugu, grew up in Port harcourt, and schooled at a point in Owerri. Did moving around a lot affect the kinda person you are today?

IJEOMA: I didn’t really move around a lot. I spent most of my time in Port Harcourt. I was just born in UNTH. That foundation really helped because I’m able to ground myself but PH will always be home to me.

Ijeoma Aniebo

PRESH: Tell us about your experience in FGGC, Owerri

IJEOMA: I hated boarding school. It traumatised me to no end but I formed a full family of sisters at FGGC Owerri so, I am thankful for that. It also let me know that I was stronger than I thought because I persevered till the end. But I have never willingly put myself in a boarding situation since then.

PRESH: How has the movie industry treated you so far?

IJEOMA: The industry has been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I haven’t gotten some of the bad treatment and experiences that some of my colleagues have and on the other hand, I’m not as far along in my path as I would have hoped considering how long I’ve been in it. But I’ve been fortunate to have worked with fantastic people to date and I’m grateful for my opportunities and all I have been able to do so far.

Ijeoma Aniebo

PRESH: It’s safe to say you’ve not been getting as much recognition as you deserve. What then has been your motivation to keep going?

IJEOMA: I love what I do and every opportunity to do it is a blessing. The recognition has never been my motivation. It is a nice thing to have no doubt, but it is not the necessary thing to have. Give me work and money, all day, any day.

PRESH: Apart from acting, do you do other things?

IJEOMA: Yes. I do some modelling, writing and work in the advertising space.

Ijeoma Aniebo

PRESH: You studied English Language at the university. Have you gone on to study anything Acting related?

IJEOMA: I have a degree from NYFA.

PRESH: Tell us how it was growing up in PH city

IJEOMA: I loved it. At the time, PH was a town with everything in it. Very balanced and very happy too. The talent there is also top-notch, from music to the arts and everyone is organic.

PRESH: Who are those that have influenced your career so far?

IJEOMA: Everyone to some degree has influenced my career. From colleagues, I look up to and keep dreaming to work with, to family and friends that keep supporting and pushing me, to the audience that consumes the content that I am in and a lot of times, have feedback for me. I really appreciate the village that surrounds me.

Ijeoma Aniebo

PRESH: What next for Ijeoma Aniebo?

IJEOMA: Mehn! Only God knows oh! I might decide to run for president in the next election. Lol. But mostly the same, creating bodies of work that people can enjoy, in any capacity.

PRESH: Please leave a message for everyone struggling to find their way.

IJEOMA: Struggle is a phase. Once you never forget that, you can and will be, anything you set your mind to.

PRESH: Thanks so much for your time ✌🏾

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Ijeoma Aniebo

Whatever you manifest in reality is first created in your mind. Cook it well, and withstand the heat. It’s going to be worth it in the end. Ire oo 🥂

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