Valentine Ohu – “Think of what makes you happy”

18 Sep

Happy Sunday Presh Nation! Today we have an OAP, actor, media personnel. He plays Ali in the ongoing Africa magic series titled Unmarried. He’s Valentine Ohu. Let’s read about his journey. Enjoy 🌹

PRESH: Please introduce yourself to our readers

VALENTINE: My name is Valentine Ohu.

PRESH: Tell us more about you and what you do. How did it all start for Valentine Ohu?

VALENTINE: I started my career as an On-Air Personality 18 years ago with Radio Nigeria and went from there to work with Rhythm 93.7 FM Port Harcourt, Cool Fm, Inspiration FM (Lagos), and Smooth FM as the host of the breakfast show. I quit daytime radio in 2021, to run Streamline Media, a media production and marketing agency I founded in 2019 to solve digital graphics, product and content marketing, and audio/production needs. Then, I started a career in acting around the same year. I play the character, Ali in AM Unmarried Seasons 3 and 4. And currently playing lead in a 260 tv show to start airing in October 2022. And also preparing to star in a psychological movie feature. I took up photography as a hobby 3 years ago (which is also an offering from Streamline), and have been the official photographer to the GMD/CEO of VFD Group.

Valentine Ohu
Valentine Ohu

PRESH: Doing a lot of things at a time must be exhausting, what’s your day usually like?

VALENTINE: My day starts with morning exercise, coffee, and shuttling between my job as CEO of Streamline, and two other companies in FMCG and tech. …on days I’m not travelling for work, or on set

PRESH: What challenges have you encountered in the media world?

VALENTINE: The challenges one encounters in the media is the need to balance between staying relevant, sustaining excellence, and providing solutions that consistently convert for my clients and me. There’s also people management to grapple with, which happens every day

PRESH: What school did you go to and what did you study?

VALENTINE: My first degree was a double-honours in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt

PRESH: Tell us about your first job at Radio Nigeria. How did you get the job and what was the experience like?

VALENTINE: I applied for an internship at Radio Nigeria (Treasure 98.5fm, PHC) in my 200L at UNIPORT cos they were looking for a host for a youth and teenage Counselling program (“It’s My Life”), which aired every Saturday by 2 pm. I went for the audition then in 2005, and halfway through the audition with then producer and anchor – Ms Lauretta Konuga, I realized we’d been live! It was a live show and I thought it was just a dry audition.

Anyway, I got picked to host the show cos I did it afraid….

I let the listeners feel my fear by admitting on air that it was my first time on the radio. And that’s how my journey started, and I kept going back every other weekend. Started filling shifts during the weekdays. Sometimes, spending 72 hours straight covering shifts while learning all I could from different departments – production, news, sports, marketing, etc. Mind you, I wasn’t getting any pay in the first year or more. I was content with the opportunity to sponge up as much knowledge as I could on one of the best platforms to start your radio broadcast career in Nigeria – Radio Nigeria

PRESH: Acting is a whole lot different from what you’re used to and how you started. How were you able to adapt so quickly or has it been an underlying talent waiting to be tapped?

VALENTINE: I took up some acting roles back then in UNIPORT (played Jesus of Nazareth in a play then at ‘Chapel of Annunciation’ ) and took some classes later at the New York Film Academy (Delyork campus) in 2011, where I studied Broadcast Journalism.

I also paid for some acting classes between 2021 and 2022 for some lead role I played in a movie and a tv show for Multichoice.

PRESH: Tell us more about Streamline Media, was there an event that triggered the idea

VALENTINE: Streamline Media was birthed from my desire to provide Media and Tech solutions with storytelling tools. Thereby addressing the marketing concerns that most businesses have with connecting with their potential customers in a relatable manner.

PRESH: Looking at what you do at the agency, do you have it in mind to go more into film production on the long run?

VALENTINE: Yes, we will definitely explore business opportunities in that area. Scratch that. We’ve started exploring business opportunities in that area.

PRESH: If you were to go back to UNIPORT, would you have done anything differently?

VALENTINE: Absolutely nothing

PRESH: Please leave a message for those out there trying in their own little way.

VALENTINE: Think of what makes you happy and you find joy in doing it, then do it with all your heart while learning to improve your skills daily in that craft or skill. Find a niche market where that applies and people with problems that talent can solve. Then market the heck out of yourself.

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time ✌🏾

Follow Valentine Ohu on IG @valentineohu

As long as you’re not hurting anyone (I.e including yourself) do whatever makes you happy and live without regrets. Ire oo 🥂

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