Segilola Ogidan – “Life is not about competing with other peoples’ calling”

11 Sep

Hello People! I am here again (inserts funny high octave tone). Today, I have the super talented Segilola Ogidan as our guest and trust me when I say this is top drawer. I totally enjoyed this, you should too 🌹

Segilola Ogidan

PRESH: Please for formalities sake, introduce yourself to our readers

SEGILOLA: Hi, my name is Segilola Ogidan. I’m a creative in all its glory. I paint, I write, I act, I direct and produce (not by choice but because I’m a control freak)!!

PRESH: Tell us about what you do and how you started.

SEGILOLA: As I said, I’m a creative. It all started when I was little. I was always drawing, writing and directing my siblings and the neighbourhood kids anytime I wrote a “play”. Of course, writing a play was basically just an imagined world I had created in my mind and I guess that’s what filmmaking is. Creating a world people can escape to for a couple of hours.

PRESH: Let’s take a trip down memory lane. What were you like as a child?

SEGILOLA: I would like to say I was a great kid (lol). I think I was a little timid and super shy. Very intelligent if I may say so myself and extremely impressionable which my Dad, thank God, clocked early on and protected me as best he could from the big bad world.

PRESH: So, it is presumed that you started as a director before getting in front of the camera. Tell us about that experience.

SEGILOLA: This I guess technically is true! lol. The transition made so much sense even though in my head I started in front of the camera before officially getting behind it. I’m an auteur. So it was a smooth transition. As an actor when I discuss scenes and character breakdown with my director, I literally enter the Director’s psyche to see what they’re trying to get out of me. I guess it’s the inborn director in me. Also because I write, so I have a very good idea about story and character exposition. Oh gosh, I’m sounding like such a film school geek now! lol.

Segilola Ogidan

PRESH: What’s your take on the levels the industry has attained in recent years?

SEGILOLA: You know what? Love or hate the Nigerian film Industry, it is definitely making progress albeit very slowly. This is due to so many factors but I think there are more radical filmmakers like me who are challenging the status quo and it’s so exciting. Now the prayer is that we have the backing the more “traditional” Nollywood filmmakers receive especially in terms of funding and distribution.

PRESH: You also sing as we saw in ‘A Naija Christmas’. Was that pivotal in you being cast for the role and what was the experience like?

SEGILOLA: It definitely was not pivotal to me being cast. I think my singing so well came as a shock to everyone!! lol. They had hired a musician initially to sing the songs and I mime, but then I sang for the Director and he was impressed enough to give me the “job”. I, of course, being a perfectionist and all, took some voice training offered by my sister-friend Chiedza Maburutse (hit her up guys, she’s awesome!) just to tidy up the kinks. Before A Naija Christmas, the last time I did any singing for a film was FAULTLINES currently streaming on Showmax and before that, it had been years on stage. 

Courtesy: Netflix – A Naija Christmas
Segilola Ogidan

PRESH: Tell us more about your music.

SEGILOLA: Honestly, there’s nothing to tell!! However if Wizkid, Burna or Beyonce call me to lay my voice on one of their tracks, now you know your girl will be there STAT! lol. Then I can tell you about my singing. 


PRESH: What have been your challenges so far?

SEGILOLA: Oh my, what a loaded question! I’ve faced A LOT. Every day as a filmmaker is a challenge, especially in an industry run by men who believe strongly in gender roles even if they don’t want to admit it. It affects decisions about funding, distribution, pay, EVERYTHING! It’s a nightmare. BUT I’m a big girl and it just challenges me to keep going and go harder.


PRESH: If you weren’t doing movies, what would you have been doing?

SEGILOLA: Running an art gallery with a cafe called LOLA, in the beautiful town of Mougins in the South of France! That’s my retirement plan so we are working hard to make that dream come true! If not that, I would be on a boat cruising the seas of the world. 

PRESH: Who has had the most impact on your movie career so far?

SEGILOLA: Jesus of course! Is that even a question?! lol. But for real, it’s me and big J, helped by my wonderful Husband who is my biggest cheerleader. Seriously that guy is an Alien Superstar. I’m truly blessed.

PRESH: Apart from being married, the fact that you paint is another thing I’m not sure many people knew about you. I know you said you’ve been drawing since you were little, but how much work did you have to put into developing that skill?

SEGILOLA: Like everything else a lot. When you’re passionate about something, you put a lot of time and effort into it. I also did Fine Art in A-Levels so that helped fine-tune my skill.

PRESH: What’s a day in the life of Segilola Ogidan usually like?

SEGILOLA: When I’m not on set, it’s very mundane to be honest which I love! Wake up, pray and meditate, exercise, feed the children, take them to school, go for a nice coffee somewhere nice or meet up with a mate, pick the children up from school, hang out with them, make dinner, and do the bedtime routine. When I am on set, I wake up, pray and meditate, exercise if there’s time (call times can be super early at times), go to set, work, come home, shower, and SLEEP! I know not as exciting as you probably thought right? However, it depends entirely on what I’m working on at the time.

Segilola Ogidan

PRESH: Tell us about your movie TAINTED CANVAS, you definitely had so much to do on that one.

SEGILOLA: It’s my directorial debut that looks at the possible effects of child abuse in adult life, in this case, it affects the relationship between a mother and her daughter. I wrote the script 10 years ago (my first proper feature script after I had graduated) and YES I DID A LOT on it but of course with the help of my friends who went all out and gave me their all, from money to creative input, to prayers and positive energy. It was glorious and I will forever be grateful. 

Tainted canvas

PRESH: I always like to ask, What next for Segilola Ogidan? What should we be expecting from you?

SEGILOLA: Ooohhhh well, I’m currently working on completing my second directorial feature. It’s a quirky offbeat romcom titled A ROMANTIC COMEDY FEATURING LARA AND TOBI (yup that’s the title! lol) starring Marcy Dolapo Oni, Taye Arimoro, Nengi Adoki and Shaffy Bello and I’m super excited about it. We are working towards premiering the film at this year’s AFRIFF (Africa International Film Festival), which is also exciting!

PRESH: Please leave a message for everyone out there trying

SEGILOLA: Gbogbowa la ma je breakfast! Lol, I play too much. Ok so my message is to believe in yourself and follow your calling, no matter how ridiculous it may seem at the time, but at the pace, God has set you. Life is not about competing with other peoples’ calling, it’s about completing your own calling to the best of your abilities! So stay in your lane boys and girls!

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time ✌🏾

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Don’t waste your time running another man’s race, your calling is different. You’re in Agege, heading towards Otta and you’re competing with someone heading towards Ibadan. You’ve failed yourself already. Ire oo 🌹

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  1. I like her so much, she’s a breath of fresh air. I enjoy seeing her on my screen as well as her acting . I had no idea she was married with kids 🤯

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