Cynthia Ebijie – “Keep moving forward”

28 Aug

Hello Presh Nation! Happy New Year in August. Pardon the wild inconsistencies I’ve been exhibiting. I promise, however, to always drop something from time to time. Today, our guest is a beautiful 23-year-old actress who has featured in a couple of movies and series, including Eyimofe, My Siblings and I, and many others since her breakout in 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Cynthia Ebijie 🌹

Cynthia Ebijie

PRESH: Good day, please introduce yourself to us

CYNTHIA: Hello, my name is Cynthia Ebijie. I’m an actress from Edo State. I am an accounting graduate of Lagos State University and I am based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Cynthia Ebijie

PRESH: Tell us about the best memory you have of your childhood.

CYNTHIA: I must say, that has to be living life without any worry. I always knew I had my parents if anything happened. I was so carefree, but not anymore since adulthood happened.

PRESH: What do you do now?

CYNTHIA: Right now, I have a YouTube channel about myself as a young and fast-rising actress living in Lagos and everything that comes with it. I have a couple of film projects coming up soon too, so keep an eye out.

PRESH: How did you start out being an actress?

CYNTHIA: I decided to venture into acting in the year 2018 when I attended several auditions and got callbacks and roles for many. I got cast in an Mnet series, “MY SIBLINGS AND I” where I play the character Bimpe. The show became a hit and it gave me a gradual spot in the limelight… moving forward, I played the lead in a film titled “SADE TAKES LAGOS” where I played the character SADE. Amongst other movies and series.

PRESH: How did you learn about MY SIBLINGS AND I? How was the audition experience?

CYNTHIA: The audition for my siblings and I did not say it was for My siblings and I. No one even knew what My siblings and I was then. It was still very new and I just went to a random audition from a memo I got somewhere and voila. I scaled the first and second stages. Then got cast for the role of Bimpe.

PRESH: What movie has been your favorite set to work on so far?

CYNTHIA: My favorite set ever has to be Eyimofe. I keep saying this and till now, no other production set has beaten it for me. The production standard was top tier. Everything was on point. The set was very stress-free for me. I was living a soft life courtesy: Eyimofe set. It was Hollywood standard.

PRESH: Tell us more about your YouTube channel, and give us the details of why you started and what it entails.

CYNTHIA: My YouTube channel started because I realized one day that I had nothing that belonged to me out there. I needed something of my own, like my own tiny project. So I decided to document my life and career and really personal things on camera, especially on a platform like YouTube that’s here to stay forever. It also gives my content a lot of value and I can also earn from my videos, so why not?

PRESH: What challenges so far have you had in the industry?

CYNTHIA: I won’t really call it a challenge, but I’d call it a realization, and it’s that the industry changes frequently. A lot of things change, so you have to constantly be aware of the changes, or else you’d get left behind without even realizing it.

PRESH: Sometimes last year, you opened up about your tribal marks, what about it used to make you feel insecure?

CYNTHIA: I was insecure about my tribal marks when I was YOUNGER and I think it’s quite normal during that age because I was learning a lot about my body changing and realizing that I had something that other girls didn’t have and it didn’t look cute to me. Also, around that age, there was a lot of bullying going on, so I got bullied a lot. I grew older, my confidence grew with me, and now I love it so much that sometimes I wish I could make it more defined.

Tribal Marks

PRESH: What and who inspires you the most?

CYNTHIA: I inspire myself a lot. Because I’m the only one that truly knows my life story and watching it and looking back at how much I have gone through, experienced and accomplished. Wow, I’m doing a good job and there’s still more to come.

PRESH: What next for Cynthia Ebijie?

CYNTHIA: There’s a lot coming soon for Cynthia Ebijie. Just keep watching my social space and my YouTube 😍

PRESH: Please leave a message for those who aspire to be like Cynthia Ebijie soon.

CYNTHIA: My advice to people trying to get where they want to get, is to never stop trying to get it. Keep moving forward.

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time ✌

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Every industry evolves. Don’t be left behind. Always work on improving yourself; learn, unlearn, and relearn from time to time. Ire oo 🥂


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