Paul Oluwafemi – “I want to be among those who make this world better”

20 Mar

Long time no interview citizens,
Over a year since our last interview for the blog. We’re back today with a business mogul and top entrepreneur. Paul Oluwafemi is a top icon with his feet in different waters. He’s sharing his experiences with us today, enjoy 🌹

PRESH: Good day sir, please introduce yourself to us

PAUL: Hello sir, I’m Paul Oluwafemi, a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University, I studied food science and engineering. I love to talk about business, events and fashion.

PRESH: Tell us about your background and some childhood experiences

PAUL: I was born and brought up in Ibadan, Oyo state. Growing up I wanted to be a footballer because I love football so much. This took bulk of my time when I was free and not in school.

PRESH: What do you do now?

PAUL: I am presently into event planning, ushering and modelling services, business consultation and strategizing.

PRESH: How did you start?

PAUL: So I started out with passion. Planning parties, and ensuring everything went well. During the pandemic I wrote a book titled “stop the hustle “ it’s a book that detailed how you can turn your passion into wealth and make money work for you, I launched my event planning company few months I was done with the book even though I haven’t sold the book.
For everything I find myself doing, I consider the reason to be passion. Quite challenging but worth doing at the same time

Paul Oluwafemi

PRESH: What inspires you?

PAUL: A lot inspires me, but one major thing that inspires me and gets me going all the time is the fact that I want to be among those that makes this world a better place. This has been my mindset and I couldn’t settle for less, so frequently I think of what to do, what problem to solve and I solve them. I have surrounded myself with great friends that are doing exploit, they inspire me whenever I feel tired.
Also, I take out few time on social media to check out successful people processs, I go through when they started and where they are now and the changes are glaring. I believe it’s just a matter of time, being a global force to reckon with will be a thing of ease eventually.

PRESH: What happened to that footballing dream?

PAUL: Well, the football dream ended when we had an inter school match while in secondary school (ss3 precisely), I was the captain and we lost (4-0). It was a terrible experience, felt realy bad. I got home and was sick for days because I had played the full match and it was pretty too stressfull for me. Perhaps if we had won, the joy would have quelled the sickness😫

PRESH: Tell us about your business, how has the life been?

PAUL: It has been great actually. Considering the fact that I understand everything is a process and ensuring to have a solid foundation is key!
It has not been all rossy but it is growing pretty well and I’m certain it will keep growing even at a global level. Life generally has been fair, I believe we get whatever we want and that has been my approach, if it doesn’t come now it will eventually, at the same time life’s good

PRESH: Have there been challenge or has it been all glitters

PAUL: There has been pretty lot of challenges, one of it is creating a path (the role of a leader) while others follow; having to learn what works and what doesn’t after actually trying them out: Quite alright a lot of people have gone ahead that I learn from but those ups and downs are still there in creating a path. It can be draining and cause loneliness. Folks won’t understand what you are passing through and you can hardly share because most have nothing to do about it.

PRESH: Do you think passion is overrated? What else can push a business?

PAUL: Yes, it can be. They never laid more emphasis on turning your passion to wealth; we only learnt we have to follow our passion.
Passion without money will eventually be tiring and at times could take a pretty long time to achieve. One of the things that led me into writing my first book which I will be releasing soon enough.
I’ve met a lot of passionate folks and they are so comfortable at that life and yes they have the whole hype for passion. Not neglecting the fact that people take advantage of that as well, use you when they discover you have passion for what you do and dump you when you want to properly moneytize it or pay low for the service. Notwithstanding, passion is KEY. For those who fully understand, it’s not overrated

PRESH: Who at the people you look up to that inspire you?

PAUL: Quite a number of people; I have them in the different field I find myself; For business, I read Robert kiyosaki, warren buffet. For ministry, I read Kenneth hagins, kenneth and Gloria Copeland. For social I get inspiration from Ay comedian, Funke akindele. For event, Sola oyebade, Funke bucknor and Grammy awards

PRESH: How big is the place of friends in your growth process

PAUL: Friends have a huge place in my growth process. I look forward to having a thanksgiving list soon enough whereby I’ll send them gifts every year. I’ve got so many amazing friends and I can’t imagine life without them.

PRESH: What next for Paul Oluwafemi?

PAUL: Next is launching a series of books and my business strategy hub aimed at solving complex real life business problem. Realy looking forward and working towards what lies ahead.

PRESH: Give a few words of advice to people who want to explore business like you

PAUL: Continue to live in love
Stay true to yourself, blame no one but yourself and make sure you work on your goals

PRESH: Thanks for your time ✌🏾

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Paul Oluwafemi
Paul Oluwafemi

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Keep pushing, focus on the target, you’d pull through. Ire oo 🥂

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