Bower’s Tower: Trip to the tallest hill point in Ibadan

13 Feb

I went with my friends to Bower’s tower, the highest hilltop in Ibadan. It gives a panoramic view of the city and important points in the city of Ibadan.

It was a short ride in the city of Ibadan. We ordered a ride from Sango area and took off to layipo where the tower is located. Damola, Dahunsi and Bukunmi went with me to make it a lot more fun.

We thought we were already close so we ended our trip early. Ladies and gentle men, we trekked 😪

When we got to the premises, we had to register with 200 naira per person to access the tower. The place is in quite an awry condition and a place that is supposed to be a tourist attraction lacked the required attention.

The place looked untidy and it could pass for an abandoned place. We tried to make the most of what we had, made it fun and compensated ourselves after.

The view from the top is enough motivation to get there. All the brown Ibadan roofs and hot spots were clearly visible. We made it fun at the top and when we came back down, a woman came to sell pito that Damola called ‘sweet agbo’. I could boy take more than a sip though 😪

We met a family that were already used to the trip. They were up and down in no time. They took us pictures from the base.

Bower’s tower

It was a very good trip in all, we had a good time. The monument showcases the beauty of Ibadan in its own bit. However, the government of Oyo state and the ministry of tourism can do a better job in making Bower’s tower more attractive to potential tourists.

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