NYSC SERIES: The special parade journey…

24 Oct

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On stepping out for parade, Deji and Sammy Yoo who ended up being our on camp hype man also stepped out. Wuraola stepped out as one of the two females and Tobi Emmanuel who had already been chosen before our arrival was there. He happened to be a member of a boys brigade band I also belong to. Royal ambassadors (Baptist boys brigade) is an organization that where we had prior parade experience. NYSC taught me so much about unity in diversity. You had to meet someone you could relate with, no matter how distinct you are.

Before it was concluded for Tobi Emmanuel to be the overall parade commander, we were asked to do some drills. We had to command the whole ground to a halt. We all did well although my parade experience came to play. I’d like to believe that if Tobi Emmanuel wasn’t there, I might have been handed the mantle. They didn’t let us go after the selection. Each of us served as sub guards for our platoons.

After the swearing in ceremony

I wanted to return to my platoon with the hope of leading the lines in the drills competition. They had other plans for me. We were called by the instructor to report for color party training. I tried to protest, hoped that I’d be removed or replaced so that I’d return to my platoon.

It wasn’t so, so I kept my head down and went on with the training. We had different trainings in carrying the flags and also escorting the flags. Our instructor was very special to us, he’s a very likable man with a very good teaching ability. His patience and politeness stood him out amongst the others.

One morning during one of our trainings, my platoon instructor came and told me rather quietly “you’d parade for our platoon”. I asked if he’d informed the instructor he said yes. I had lost interest in platoon parade and I saw it as unfair to other platoons who had paraders taken out of them to form the color party. That’s why on the day of the drills competition, I still had to go take permission from the instructor and he was very cool with it.


Stepping in the squad for someone else, I heard grumbles.

People were protesting that someone was removed. I didn’t like that, and in the last minute, I wanted to step out cos in all honesty, I thought the guy would be filling in somewhere else and not taken out completely. After all, what difference would one man make? Well at least I tried, after the parade, those grumbles turned to applauds as even the camp commandant who happens to be an army major spotted me and took my name and number down. Many of them came to ask me how I was able to lift my leg that high and still maintain stability.

It still ended in tears sha as we came 7th position in the rankings. At least we gave it our best shot and in the end, we were happy. I went on to escort the flag at the closing ceremony while hype man Sammy yoo commanded the color party. He’s a very intelligent guy that appears to adapt to situations quickly. I was happy it was him who took the mantle. Everyone executed their roles perfectly including RSM Fehinti who was always admiring my slow match. It was always a great time with the “special NYSC parade team” for batch B stream 1.

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