Nysc series: On walking through the gates

26 Sep

On walking through the gates of the NYSC camp in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. I had high expectations on the level of discipline to be expected. However, I slipped up almost immediately. I was supposed to fill a form to sign in but, being carried thinking about the women just outside the gate who might have over charged me on my purchases, I failed to complete the form before walking away.

Just as I finished washing my hands as required due to the Covid precaution, a lady walked up to me. “Are you Precious?” “Yes”, I replied “Go back to the gate, you didn’t complete your form”. I went back and the man insulted me asking if I thought I was still in school. Then the discipline I expected from NYSC dawned on me.

I went to the stand meant for Covid testing then I walked up for the test. The long bud was stuck in my nose and as the guy held down my head he kept saying “calm down”. Calm down how?! This thing is already touching my brain!. I composed myself until he was done. He met his match when one lady pushed his hand away.

Gratefully, I tested negative.

I moved on to other registrations and it went smoothly. We collected kits and of course as has always been the case, they weren’t my size. I went back to my accommodation and met a few of my roommates. I had done the bank registration with Kossy and Donald but later met with Divine.

While we were contemplating whether to go for the evening parade a police man came up and advised us to go out before military intervention. It sounded like war so we decided to avoid state of emergency. We dragged out and formed up on the parade ground.

I had always dreamt of being the overall parade commander in my nysc batch so when they called for contestants, it was only natural for me to step out. That’s when the parade journey began

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