Marvellous Mojisola Ojo – The journey of two decades

Marvellous Mojisola Ojo
11 Jun
Marvellous Mojisola Ojo

Launching her debut book on her birthday, Ojo Marvellous Mojisola has put together this body of work. The book itself is a beauty and has so many lessons to learn from.

One thing worthy of note is how well she’s passed across her messages.

The way she articulated them made them easy to relate with. That’s why it has not come as a surprise that Olasupo Caroline, one of those who reviewed the book had this to say

“While reading the book. I became captivated in the journey. From the birth right to the present moment. All l can say is that God is the only sustainer of man. Importantly. there are lot of lessons learnt and more to be learnt. To everyone who will read this book, approach it with an open heart especially with a heart ready to learn, relearn and unlearn.”

– Olasupo Caroline

The many messages passed in the book are worth every second of the readers time. Tolulope Oguntayo also pointed this out

“I loved that I can relate to stories that has to do with picking classes in Senior Secondary School, body shaming, executing ideas, slowing down and many more.”

– Tolulope Oguntayo

Mojisola herself a penultimate Student of Obafemi Awolowo University where she is studying Yoruba said:

“In life, there are the “goods” and the “‘bads”. This book is a complete guide to everyone who wishes to learn how to not just survive the pages of life but to remain strong and prepared towards the attainment of the goal ahead.”

– Marvellous Mojisola Ojo
Marvellous Mojisola Ojo

The book is free for all and all you have to do is click the button below to download. Once you fill the form, a link would pop up to take you directly to the book

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Also, Symplypresh will like to wish Marvellous Mojisola Ojo a very happy birthday

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