Jblaze – “Be ready to evolve, cos if you don’t, you’d be left behind”

21 Feb

Hello Presh Nation!

Beautiful day isn’t it? Our guest today is the multitalented medical doctor Jide Oyegbile popularly known as Jblaze. He’s a man of so many faces, I’m sure you’d enjoy this as usual:

PRESH: Good day, please let’s meet you

JBLAZE: My name is Jide Jblaze Oyegbile, I’m an actor, a filmmaker and also a medical doctor.

PRESH: Let’s start from your childhood, where did you grow up, what schools did you attend, how was life generally growing up?

JBLAZE: I was born in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. I lived there for about 5-6 years before I moved to Ibadan with my parents pretty much because of the religious crisis. Then attended Nickdel private school and went on to attend Oritamefa baptist model school for my secondary education. I advanced to Bowen university and studied anatomy for my first degree which I completed in 2012. Then I studied medicine and surgery for my second degree and graduated in 2016. Life growing up has been up and down, a lot to learn, experiencing quite a number of things. It wasn’t exactly rosy because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Yeah, it was exciting and interesting because I moved from place to place, from the north to the south west. Life has been good and I’m just really grateful.

PRESH: What do you do presently?

JBLAZE: Presently, I do a couple of things in entertainment. I act, direct, produce, write. Time has made it a little difficult to write but it’s still one of the things I do. Also, I shoot and edit. I learnt to do all of these but primarily I say I’m an actor. I’m also a doctor but presently although I do only private consultations. My anatomy degree is still there so it comes in handy especially when I’m writing script or when I’m invited on a couple of shows for example the Medchat show I did with Medflit.

PRESH: That’s quite a number of things you do, how and when did you start out in the entertainment industry?

JBLAZE: Acting was around 2012/13 but I directed my first feature length film in 2014 and it was out by 2015. I did a couple of short films afterwards too. Officially, because I moved to Lagos in April 2018, I use that as my timeline of getting in the industry for money.

PRESH: Tell us about some of the projects you’ve worked on

JBLAZE: It used to be easier to remember them earlier on. I’d just say a couple and if I miss out any, it’s not intentional and doesn’t mean they’re not important to me or I’m not appreciative of the project. Acting wise, recently, I’m on ‘King of boys’ the sequel 2, Riona, that’s an MNet production directed by James Omokwe amidst other directors. I did a couple of short films with Ndani like Fractured. I’m also on Dr love for Uche Jombo production which is supposed to be on Rok TV. I was on Hustle, Forbidden also MNet series. I did feature length films like Lotario coming to the cinemas very soon directed by James Abinibi. Silenced, Directed by Desmond Elliot and quite a number of others.

“I’ve directed a couple of films, short films and series”


For example Grow up or nuts, ‘Her’ would be coming out on Iroko soon, Busted and quite a number of other jobs that I’m really proud of. I was one of the consulting directors for the action sequences in King of boys sequel. I can’t wait to see it, it’s going to be a beautiful film.

PRESH: Out of your personal productions, which one was most stressful?

JBLAZE: I don’t see anyone of them as stressful. I enjoy doing what I do. So, the more I do, the better it gets.

PRESH: What challenges have you had to face so far?

JBLAZE: I don’t like to call them challenges but they’re there to make me better. Finances because you need that money to create that big budget Film, getting the roles but over time if you put in the work, do your monologue, tag the right people, share it correctly, if you’re good, you’re good. They are going to come after you because Film is still business and definitely, whatever is good for anybody’s business, everybody wants it. I’m grateful to God, if I’ve had challenges and I can’t remember them, it’s because God has made sure it’s out of the way. For now, I want to be on the big stage, win the awards but still put in the work.

PRESH: What’s your major source of inspiration?

JBLAZE: It’s the fact that I know that I can do better. So, I don’t get tired or satisfied. I look at everyone around me and I try to tap a few thing.


PRESH: What has been your lowest point experience in the industry?

JBLAZE: Nothing much, I just believe we can get better in almost all aspects of Nollywood.

PRESH: Looking back now, did you ever imagine you’d be where you currently are?

JBLAZE: That’s part of the drive and that’s part of why I’m here now and I know that I’m going to be bigger very soon. I’m also going to get better at my craft.

PRESH: You do a lot of monologues, how important are they to every actor?

JBLAZE: A monologue is an actors tool, so, you can’t shy away from monologues. They’re usually the most demanding part in a film script. It takes you being in the character to pull it off. If you want to rehearse and get better, if you want to get jobs, you need to do your monologues because that’s the only way they can assess how good you are. Due to Covid 19 restrictions and all now, the industry is going into people submitting monologues rather than doing open auditions where there are so many people. So, you can’t run away from monologues, it’s part of the job.

PRESH: Please leave a message for those who also want to make a name in the entertainment industry

JBLAZE: Do the work, shut your ears to the negative vibes. Be the best person that you can be. Never stop striving, you can always get better. Never relent, never be satisfied, be ready to evolve, cos if you don’t, you’d be left behind.

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time. Peace✌🏾


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If you’re to doubt anything, doubt your limits. If you put your mind to it, there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve. Ire oo 🥂

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