KEMZ: “Show the world what you’re made of, what you can do”

31 Jan

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It’s our first interview of the year and our guest is Ikuseedun Oluwakemi Rebecca, know as Kemz mama or Mummy wa. The beautiful actress and content creator talks about her journey so far. Enjoy


PRESH: Please introduce yourself to us

KEMZ: My name is Ikuseedun Oluwakemi Rebecca,

PRESH: Where are you from and where did you grow up?

KEMZ: I’m from Ondo state but I was born and raised in Lagos, I grew up in Orile.

PRESH: Tell us more about you

KEMZ: I’m the last of four children, I attended Aunty Dare memorial nursery and primary school and Queens college, Ayaba Lagos for my secondary

PRESH: Apart from acting, what other things do you do?

KEMZ: I’m almost done with my masters in accounting.

PRESH: When and how did you start acting?

KEMZ: I started acting from Uni, church, drama group and all of that. When I finished school, there was this job I got and I felt it was fun so I decided to go into it.

PRESH: So, as it stands, you’re furthering on accounting, is that going to have any effect on your acting career?

KEMZ: There’s no rush to it, once I have my certificate, it’s something I can still go back to. For now, I just want to focus on my acting.


PRESH: Have you had any accounting related jobs?

KEMZ: I’ve had one accounting job. It was flexible for me. Although it was majorly because my parents didn’t really support acting but I found my way through it and left.

PRESH: Tell us about the job you had that made you consider acting as a career

KEMZ: The job I did that made me consider acting as a career was the one I did after I graduated. I was selected from my church drama. It was a Christian movie but it was really fun. I enjoyed shooting and getting into character. It was really wonderful.

PRESH: Did you go into acting with the mindset that you’d make a living from it or was it just the fun for you?

KEMZ: At first I didn’t go with the mindset of making a living, it was first the fun for me but then I realized that you need to be up and going, you need to always be on call for you to get anything out of acting. I’ve done extra jobs ehn, so much extra jobs that I’d be paid 2k or 3k as thanks for coming. But it was just about the consistency. As time went on, I started making money and then I thought about the possibility of making more money from it

PRESH: What challenges have you been faced with so far?

KEMZ: Not getting roles after going for a lot of auditions, getting depressed, seeing other people getting the roles you want. Some times, I’d be watching a movie and I’d be seeing myself in the character like it should have been me. I just had the faith that my own time would come. The major thing has to be going for back to back auditions, spending money in the process and still not getting the role. Some directors would even try to take advantage of females mostly and it’s really annoying. You’d have to stand your ground and find your way through it. A lot of girls jump at things like that and on the long run it doesn’t pay. I just feel like nobody should manipulate your gift that way.


PRESH: Awesome, mummy wa is a comic role that really made you more popular, how did you get that role?

KEMZ: I was acting as Kemz and Kemz mama on the road and I was wearing the costume and Macaroni saw me acting and the next day he called me for a shoot and told me to bring that same outfit. While shooting he called me Mummy wa and it just stuck.

PRESH: What has the fame experience been like?

KEMZ: I think I’ve just been the same person, I’m not feeling any different. The only difference is now that I’m bringing up my own skits, it’s helping me.

PRESH: Have you been able to convince your parents to support your passion?

KEMZ: They’re seeing paintings and other gifts coming in, church members talking about mummy wa. Sometimes when someone is talking about mummy wa, my mum would be like “Do you know that’s my daughter”. So, slowly they’re accepting me.


PRESH: At the stage you are, do you still go for auditions and do you still get refused roles?

KEMZ: I still audition and don’t get picked depending on the character they want. Most times, closed auditions.

PRESH: What advice do you have for those who are almost in the traps of those kind of directors and people looking to get in the movie industry generally

KEMZ: Just keep pushing, don’t bring yourself down for any director or anybody, try creating your content, social media is there for us. Like we’re really lucky we have social media. See how people are blowing on Tik Tok, Slow mo, Dance, everything. Carry your acting there, show the world what you’re made of, what you can do. Also, pray, it won’t happen in one step, you won’t even know when it’s happening but it would happen.

PRESH: How influential has Macaroni been to you and your progress in the industry

KEMZ: The name alone opens a lot of doors for me, it has helped my life. His name alone has made me feel like I’m one big person. Anything acting, social media, he has helped me a great deal


PRESH: Going forward, what more should we expect from Kemz?

KEMZ: Expect more skits, expect short films, comedy skits from Kemz and Kemz mama, mummy wa

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate. Peace ✌🏾


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If you fail to go for your passion, you would fail to be happy. Stop putting yourself in bondage, dare to dream and, dare to achieve. Ire oo 🥂

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