Icons fashion show and awards: Face of Icons 2020

26 Sep

Icons fashion show and awards have launched the search to discover new iconic faces for the 2020 edition of the show.

The management received over 200 entries across Africa and carefully selected 94 for the contest.

Subsequently, top 15 entries have been selected based on votes and likes. The 15 have now qualified for the next stage where winners will be selected.

Voting will be fair as winners will be selected based on their number of votes

Courtesy of Icons fashion show and awards, winners would win 200,000 worth of prizes. They will be hosted for a promotional shoot Ibadan, Nigeria.

The entries that have made it to the next stage of the competition are as follows:

Entry 006 @racheal_mhiz Entry 088 @stella_stilzy Entry 009 @re_gee_nar Entry 030 @adebayobusola3 Entry 058 @Iamhoneymichelle Entry 026 @i_am_ganiat1 Entry 055 @iyandalucia123 Entry 070 @olulanu_ Entry 014 @Kingsleysongz Entry 036 @ambitious_lola Entry 003 @jossie_gram Entry 068 @cheneric110Entry 078 @iamlil_cheedar Entry 001 @Emerald_castle_havannah Entry 050 @iam_isaacfresh

The management’s spoke person when speaking with Symplypresh said:

“Our team carefully selected the contestants with the highest number of votes/ likes & the above have been selected to proceed to the next stage of the contest”

He went on to give the following instructions:

“Contestant are to send us a sound picture on or before 29th of September. Full length pictures should be sent because the complete body structure must be seen. A clear phone camera or with a standard camera and a clear background should be used in taking the Pictures.”

The show is slated to hold before the end of the year. The show will come with a lot of packages for lovers of the show.
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