Sanni Bolatito – “One day the hardwork you’ve put in place would pay off”

Sanni Bolatito
22 Jul

Presh Nation,

Another of our Soliloquy guests is back, Sanni Bolatito is a Fashion designer who believes its better to be good at one thing than to mess up a number of things. Enjoy;

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PRESH: Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers

BOLATITO: Hello, I’m Bolatito Sanni by name, an indigene of Ogun State, Abeokuta precisely. I’m also a final year student at Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology studying Physiology. In addition I’m the creative director of the Notch Fit Brand.


PRESH: Nice to have you back Bolatito. The last time you were here, you were Charis Ginei clothings, now you’re notch fit. What changed?

BOLATITO: Yes that’s very correct. Two factors prompted the change in name; First was the inability to pronounce the name by clients and also there are about 60% brands that go by the name Charis so it’ll be difficult to register under CAC. Secondly is that we wanted an exquisite name that speaks class. So after much thought the name NOTCH FIT came to light


PRESH: Interesting, you said you’re a Fashion designer, what makes you different from a tailor?

BOLATITO: As a fashion designer, i have many other skills apart from tailoring clothes, i do pattern drafting for ready to wear clothes, i design dresses and sketch styles, i also do hand crafts meaning i could style a dress without using the sewing machine

Sanni Bolatito Sanni Bolatito

PRESH: So what’s your forte? (in terms of native, be spoke and all of that, I don’t know if I’m correct 😂)

BOLATITO: All things feminine. I make native wears, Be spoke, ready to wear, casual wears, corsets, cocktail dresses, jumper dresses etc….


PRESH: So it’s still an all feminine brand?

BOLATITO: Yes it is…


PRESH: What do you think of specialization in your business?

BOLATITO: Okk, as I said earlier I specialize majorly on female Clothings, so I should be able to satisfy every woman that comes my way irrespective of their choice of fashion……😁

Sanni Bolatito

PRESH: I mean, so in the general sense of the word, do you think it’s a plus or a minus in entrepreneurship

BOLATITO: Hmmmm i think its better to be good at one thing than to mess up a number of things without a proper knowledge of even one. It is a plus to entrepreneurship because there will be enough ideas for people to explore….


PRESH: Let’s talk about you, your childhood

BOLATITO: Bolatito was born in lagos State, I’m the first child in a family of 6, i had my primary and secondary education in Lagos state. I have had passion for styling since i was young but my Parents did not believe in skill acquisition at that time so i had to sneak to a friends place to learn😉 and then boom the passion grew stronger till i found myself where i am today. Apart from styling FOOD also makes me super happy, my hobbies are cooking, watching movies, sight seeing, and listening to music. At leisure i sketch. In summary I’m a happy child and i love positive vibes😀


PRESH: What pointers made you think you had Fashion in you? I mean at your young age

BOLATITO: I always stopped to stare at people who dress well right since i was much younger, and growing up Tailors just always messed up my clothes

PRESH: So, at what point did you decide to pursue the dream?

BOLATITO: When i gained admission and had the space to do whatever i wanted to….


PRESH: Did you get backlash when they found out?

BOLATITO: Not really but I had to pay for my training myself, saved up my pocket money


PRESH: How do they feel now about what you do?

BOLATITO: Mnnnn proud most especially my dad, he’ll even secure jobs for me, and i keep being amazed by the flip.

Sanni Bolatito Sanni Bolatito

PRESH: Where’s your brand this time next year?

BOLATITO: Bigger, better, a go to for every woman that hears of it……. we hope to deliver outside Nigeria too and we hope to be at the top chart of successful businesses both home and abroad.


PRESH: Amen to that, what’s your life principle?

BOLATITO: “Be diligent and hardworking at all you do without the thought of being noticed, one day the hardwork you’ve put in place would pay off.”


PRESH: Please place your contact here for our readers

BOLATITO: Mobile: 08034761946
IG handles: @NotchFit_ @miz_tytohsan
Facebook: Bolatito Sanni

Sanni Bolatito

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

BOLATITO: You’re most welcome sir…….


PRESH: Peace

A lot of people give up on their dreams because they cannot take risks. If you don’t try, you’d never get to know. Ire oo 🥂

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