Stephen Damian – “Be ready for whatever you’re praying for and be hungry”

05 Jul

Hello Guys, Sunday is here again and this time we have the amazing actor, Model and voice over artist Stephen Damian. The 2014 Mr. Picture perfect is here to tell about his journey so far. Enjoy;

PRESH: Please introduce yourself to us

STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Damian, I’m a Nigerian actor.


PRESH: Nice to have you on board, tell us more about you, let’s start from your background, where are you from?

STEPHEN: Well, I was born in Onitsha, Anambra state, but I grew up in Yaoundé, Cameroun and in Minna, Niger state.


PRESH: Interesting, this would mean you would have had to learn English and 3 other languages growing up, would have made for an interesting childhood, tell us about it.

STEPHEN: Yeah, that’s correct, I speak Hausa and a little bit of French, My French has gone bad since I moved to Nigeria because I don’t speak a lot. I still understand but I don’t speak like I used to.

PRESH: OK, to sort a confusion, on your profile in IMDB, they said you studied Computer science, THIS DAY said you studied mathematics, which is it…. or both?

STEPHEN: Actually, I studied Mathematics/Statistics with Computer Science. So basically it’s one course. So, maybe there’s a mistake somewhere but basically, it’s one course.


PRESH: Okay, that makes sense. When did you decide it was going to be Acting for you?

STEPHEN: I’ve always had passion for entertainment. Before now, I’ve done some acting stuff like school play and stuff like that. It was after Mr. Nigeria I decided to pursue. After Mr. Nigeria, in 2014, I did modelling for a while then in the year 2016, that was when I started acting full time. Since then, my love for acting grew and now, it’s a career, it’s a job, it’s a lifestyle.

PRESH: You were a part of the top 10 in that competition, did you stop modelling because of acting, did you outgrow it or do you still model

STEPHEN: I didn’t stop modelling because of acting. I found acting more interesting than modelling, like I enjoyed acting more. I fell in love with acting, so I’m more focused on acting and you know, one thing about acting is that you have to be available all the time. You cannot be distracted so it’s either you’re giving it all of you or you’re giving it nothing. So basically, I gave acting my everything.


PRESH: You had a rather big break into acting in 2016 with The Wedding party, what role did play in that one also, tell us how you got the role?

STEPHEN: Well, I played the role of a groomsman in the wedding party 1 and honestly the manner in which I got the part was a miracle because, I couldn’t make it for the audition, I know I was invited by some friends but I couldn’t make it because I was in the village for my mom’s funeral. So when I came back to Lagos, the production manager on the set called me and asked if I was available and luckily I was, so that’s how I got the role.


PRESH: Such good luck, how has the experience been so far being on the big screens?

STEPHEN: It has been great, it’s been fun. I have learnt so much and I’m thankful.

PRESH: Are you also a voice over artist? Because, I think i read that somewhere.

STEPHEN: Yes, I’m a voice artist as well, that doesn’t come very often but yeah, it’s part of my job description.


PRESH: Tell us some of the projects you’ve worked on as a voice artist

STEPHEN: I haven’t done any big thing as a voice artist. I have done a couple of jingles for movies and for radio adverts.


PRESH: So have there been challenges so far?

STEPHEN: Of course there have been challenges but we keep going. There have been life challenges, career challenges but at the end of the day, quitting is not an option so we keep going.


PRESH: Wise words, what do you do for fun?

STEPHEN: Talking about fun, I watch a lot of movies, I enjoy working out, keeping fit. Then I love basketball.

PRESH: What has been your most favorite character so far of all the characters you’ve played?

STEPHEN: Playing a nerd in the movie titled Thug of Love, I think that’s one of my favorite character.


PRESH: Why’s it so? and how much of you was exerted in the role?

STEPHEN: Honestly, talking about the role, if you know me personally, you would know that I’m not a nerd and I have no characteristics of a nerd, so, there wasn’t any of me in the role, like I literally had to stop being me so I could be someone else, so I could be a nerd.


PRESH: Tell us about your modelling career, apart from the Mr Nigeria contest, were there any other high points?

STEPHEN: After Mr. Nigeria, I did a few modelling jobs, like TV commercials and mostly video vixen. I did a lot of vixen jobs as a model. I didn’t do any runway because they always told me that I’m too big to do runway. So it was mostly video vixen for a couple of videos.

PRESH: If you were to start your career all over, what would you have done differently?

STEPHEN: Nothing, I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t do anything differently because, everything that has happened, it’s all God’s plan. That’s how God wanted it so, I wouldn’t change anything.


PRESH: What advice would you give to people who want to make a name in acting?

STEPHEN: Well, for all the aspiring actors, one thing I have to say to you all is to be ready, for whatever you’re praying for and be hungry. Stay hungry, stay humble and take every role seriously, like, do it like it’s your last.


PRESH: Great, thank you so much for your time, we hope to see more of you soon

STEPHEN: You’re welcome


PRESH: Peace

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I cannot overemphasize how important it is for you to be rady for your big break. While praying for it to rain, get your Umbrella ready. Ire oo 🥂




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