Let passion drive you, you can’t decide to make rice with every other ingredient aside the rice itself – Moses Akerele [Ogbeni Mo]

21 Jun

Presh Nation! I’m here today with Moses Akerele, Also known as Ogbeni MO. He’s a multimedia personality, that means this minute he’s on TV, the next he’s on Radio. This one you just have to enjoy;

PRESH: Good day, please let’s meet you

MOSES: My name is Moses Akerele, I am a Multimedia personality.

PRESH: Tell us more about you

MOSES: Like what and what? I barely know what to say about myself until people probe,,,, with specific questions 🙈.

PRESH: OK, let’s start from your childhood, where did you grow up, what schools did you attend, how was life generally growing up?

MOSES: Growing up was in plenty places o, I was born in Kaduna state and that was where growing up started, then I moved to Kogi state and my schooling was in different parts of the state where I also lived at some point.

I attended Baptist Nur/Primary school and then St Peters Nursery and Primary school, My secondary school was Divine Academy Secondary School and Uni was The University of Benin.

Growing up was interesting, I grew up inside my Grandparent’s house, learning about life from their stories, Nuances, advices and many more. I did all of my playing inside the house and the only time I was outside was either school hours or church hours.

Later on, I joined the choir, and then there was the choir practice hours (still under church sha).

But it was interesting regardless, holidays were the most fun, road trips here and there with the family.

PRESH: Interesting, what parts of media are you specialized in?

MOSES: Over the years, I have practiced as
A content writer for blogs.
A Radio & Television content Producer
A Radio & Television Host/Presenter
An Actor
A Screenwriter
A Film Director and Producer.

PRESH: Which of these would you say has given you more fulfillment?

MOSES: Tough one there, In different ways and times I have felt fulfilled for doing all these, not sure any beats the other, I totally enjoy them, if you check well, they are all interwoven in a way.

PRESH: Sure, so, as a director, what film did you first work on?

MOSES: Closure- it’s a short project, an Adaptation of a poem I co-wrote with Sonia Nwosu.

PRESH: What difference if any is there in content production and hosting for radio and for TV?

MOSES: For me, the producer responsibilities are similar, as they are responsible for the contents of broadcasts. They oversee and are involved in the entire process, from generating ideas to managing the show, it’s structure and even audience response after a programme.

However, A radio producer has to prepare his/her mind for audio contents for “listeners” while The TV producer has his/her mind on audio visual contents for people who are “watching and listening” which will also reflect in your script.

On Radio sometimes though, the responsibilities of the producer might involve board/technical operations.

Hosting, one of the things that stands out for me is that on radio, I could be free, dress down and still pull a good show and mostly I had to run the show myself, this includes organizing and playing music, coordinating phone calls, and operating the console all by myself.

For TV, plenty packaging Dey, you’ve got to look as good as the show you want to present.

PRESH: You have a diploma from The School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University. That was following your training at the MultiChoice Talent Factory, what was the experience like at multichoice?

MOSES: Enriching, it was another phase of studying for me and an extra boost in my craft and career. 12 months of intensive theoretical and intensive training from industry professionals that will forever be a part of my media journey. I am grateful for it.

PRESH: Let’s back track a little, what part of growing up picked media for you?

MOSES: 🤔 That will be some of the activities I took part in back in Primary school, from press clubs to debate clubs and drama units.

I have been in drama groups as far back as primary 3, and it was in the same year I started news casting for the school.

PRESH: I know your dealing is vast but generally, who do to look up to the most?

MOSES: God, the author and finisher of my faith 😂

PRESH: Great, when did your acting career begin professionally?

MOSES: 2017

PRESH: What’s your most recent project?

MOSES: It’s a Short film, it is yet to be released, sit tight on that

PRESH: What’s the most difficult scene you’ve ever shot and why?

I acted a film in France, it wasn’t easy settling into some scenes, I am yet to clearly figure out why. But I know I found myself constantly trying to channel all I could into the character at every point in time.

PRESH: Awards are something most media personnel look up to, have you had any?

MOSES: I won an award for Best Actor at the inshot film festival 2018 for my role in MIRABEL, our film Closure, won best short Narrative at the RTF festival 2020

PRESH: Great one, what shows have you worked on? Both TV and radio

MOSES: On Radio, I had shows like Make It Or Break It, The Parliament on Rhythm FM, Benin, and Throwback Thursday and a Midday show on UNIBEN FM.

E-Diary on STV.

Red Carpet Vibes
Before the Screens
Talk Yaw Mind on Yaw Naija TV

Campus Prodigy

PRESH: Tell us about campus prodigy

MOSES: Campus Prodigy is a platform I created while I was in Uni to celebrate and also get up close and personal young creatives and innovators across Campuses in Nigeria and Africa.

It is a one on one session I and my team have with the guests, we call them Prodigies. On the show, we get to explore them and their crafts, the aim is to appreciate them and also draw attention to them and what they do
Appreciate the efforts and also learn from their journey

PRESH: So, I am 16 years old thinking of exploring media, what would be your advice for me?

MOSES: Let passion drive you first, passion is your first and most important ingredient every other thing will follow and make it work.

You can’t decide to make rice with every other ingredient aside the rice itself.

Keep growing, put effort into getting better every step of the way, learn, hone, practice and pray for guidance.

PRESH: What next for Moses Akerele?

MOSES: Man! I am constantly moving and thinking o, got a few projects lined up to release and some others to work on. We have another short film dropping soon while we get on to other projects.

With God on our side. I am also looking at ways we can see more people, young people can get room to live their dreams. This has always been something I want to do.

PRESH: With God on our side definitely we’d find our way. We’d also be looking forward to your short film. Thank you so much for your time, we really hope to see more of you soon.

MOSES: I appreciate your understanding too. More grace


A life worth living is one where you do not limit yourself to the little things when you can actually do more. Learn to leave a footprint everywhere you can. Ire oo 🥂

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