“Just as fuel runs a generator, music keeps my spirit lifted” – Laolu

07 Jun

Presh Nation!

Interviewer wa is back to stay! Today we have Laolu, gospel singer and songwriter, as you already know, we always have a story to tell. Enjoy.

PRESH: Please introduce yourself to the world
LAOLU: I am Olaitan Korede Olaolu, also known as LAOLU, a Gospel Singer and songwriter.. A finalist in Ladoke Akintola University, ogbomoso, Nigeria.. I am a native of Osun state but grew up in Kano…
PRESH: You grew up in Kano, how was it like up north, being from another tribe
LAOLU: It was good, because I had the opportunity to learn another language. Although not so fluent in it.
PRESH: So can you say hello to our listeners in Hausa? 😂
LAOLU: Saanu… It is a general greeting
PRESH: So, tell us, were you born in Kano or did you migrate?
LAOLU: I was born in Ibadan, later moved to Kano
PRESH: What kind of child were you growing up? The nerdy one? The stubborn one?
LAOLU: I think I was just calm but loved to read..
PRESH: So, where did music come in?
LAOLU: Music has been ingrained in me since my secondary school days.. I could remember listening to songs by Dolly parton., (coat of many colors) and the likes. I officially started music around August 2019.. Thankful which is my Debut track was done on October 15th, 2019…
PRESH: Awesome work you did on that track. What inspired the lyrics?
LAOLU: My past life experiences, coupled with acknowledgment that God deserves Praise and the anticipation of greater things to come.

PRESH: Who was the producer that worked on the track?
LAOLU: E – mic produced it.

Download Thankful by Laolu

PRESH: Let’s take a detour. What are your thoughts on purpose?
LAOLU: For me, purpose is an assignment for humans on earth to find, which in turn brings joy, peace, satisfaction and fulfilment.. Ultimately, it must connect us to divinity because that is where we find our purpose.. A purposeful life must have a God- factor.
PRESH: Would you say music is a part of your purpose?
LAOLU: Yes, gospel music, one of the major parts.
PRESH: Tell us the story of how you discovered this purpose
LAOLU: Thank you, it is simple, this is what I do everyday without stress and it comes from within.. It’s like being wired to do it. Just as fuel runs a generator, music keeps my spirit lifted. I could certainly tell from my First track that this is one of my purpose.
PRESH: Interesting, what’s your next project?
LAOLU: My next song is titled POTENCY. It will be out in less than three weeks from now. With the help of God, it promises to win souls.
PRESH: Amazing, who would you most like to collaborate with?
LAOLU: Travis Greene.. I like his messages.
PRESH: How would you describe your kind of music, what genre? What style?
LAOLU: I knew how to sing before knowing about genres. I will describe mine as Gospel music.. Which is in its entirety good news.
PRESH: Hmm, do you play any instruments
LAOLU: No.. But presently I’m engaged to being a pianist… I Can play few keys on it.
PRESH: What’s next for you?
LAOLU: I’m earnestly anticipating to collaborate with Travis Greene on one of my tracks… (Coat of many colours).
PRESH: We’d be expecting that. What do you have to say to the lovers of Laolu?
LAOLU: Keep being a lover of God and everything good.. He is still a Miracle-working God.. Stay safe during this period..
PRESH: Thank you so much, we’d love to see you shine bright soon. We wish you all the best in your endeavors
LAOLU: Thanks for having me around.. I’m honored, God will honor you sir, and make Symplypreshblog bigger.
PRESH: Amen to that, peace ✌🏾

Life is what you make of it, if things aren’t working well today, focus and make the most of your situation, cos how you survived bad days would be a guideline for someone else. Ire oo 🥂

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