There is a blessing in every challenge, there’s beauty in the struggle – Paul Cleverlee

08 Mar

Hi guys,

Paul Oyewumi Oyebanji is whom we all know as Paul Cleverlee, he does a lot of things in the music Industry, in short he’s a sound man. Enjoy this 😉

PRESH: Please introduce yourself to our readers
PAUL CLEVERLEE: My name is Paul Oyewumi Oyebanji also known as Paul Cleverlee.
PRESH: Tell us about you
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I am a music producer, sound engineer, song writer, mix and mastering engineer although that’s also the same thing as sounds engineer. I do a lot of remixes as seen on my social media page. I produce music and I write songs. I am 25 years old, born February 6th 1995 in Ibadan. I studied linguistics at the University of Ibadan and I graduated in 2019.

PRESH: Interesting Paul, tell us your own personal experience of life in Ibadan
PAUL CLEVERLEE: Ibadan to me is full of love and it’s a very cool place. I learnt a lot of things in Ibadan, I met a lot of amazing people. I also learnt my craft in Ibadan. So, Ibadan is a blessing to me.
PRESH: Why did you choose the name Cleverlee?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I got the name from my friends. When I was young I had the passion for football, so the name was from a former Manchester United player Tom cleverly. At that time, I really sucked at football, I really didn’t know how to play football very well, so my friends used to compare me with that guy Because he was also in a bad run of form at the time. Like “aah, see this guy he dey play like Cleverly” I picked the name up that “don’t worry me I’m going to use it, I like it, thank you very much”. So that’s how I came about the name.

PRESH: While studying linguistics, did you ever think you’d be doing music?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I did music on the side, I’d always go to the studio every weekend
PRESH: We’ve heard people say they had a musical background, probably one of their parent was involved. Was this the case for you too?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: My musical background is from church. I grew up in the church, my parents were ministers (pastors). So most of the stuff I know has a large chunk of church influence.
PRESH: There were other parts of the church you could have been involved in, why did you decide it was music for you?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I liked music participation one way or the other, I started playing for my primary school in primary 2.
PRESH: You’ve been known majorly for your remixes, what made you tow that line?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: My passion for music and comedy is the drive. So I fuse both.

PRESH: Did you look up to people and want to be like them? Who were they?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I look up to everyone. Everyone with a creative mind out there, I tend to learn from everyone that is related to my kind of thing
PRESH: What are the major challenges you go through where you are today?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: There is a blessing in every challenge because some of the challenges I had have made me strong. I’ve learned a lot from the challenges I had in the past, It is helping me and it is going to continue helping me. However, the major challenge, I’m in Nigeria, so it’s electricity Because the kind of job that I do, I work depending on my mood, So when I’m in the mood for work and then there’s no power Supply the vibe is gone. Imagine I have the vibe, I get up from my bed, I go to my studio to work and power is cut out, it’d just kill the vibe. For me to now go out to get fuel, fill up and put on the generator, the vibe is gone already. So, electricity is the major challenge I’m having even now.

PRESH: What is the one thing every creative must have regardless of their field?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: Relentlessness, every creative experiences block. The willingness to never give up in content creation is very important.
PRESH: There are a couple of music genres, which one do you do most?
PRESH: You studied linguistics, is there any plan for you to utilize that fully?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: No plans, at all
PRESH: Have you been able to produce your own music?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I don’t do well singing
PRESH: Have you produced for any big name artist?
PAUL CLEVERLEE: I’m Currently working on some
PRESH: Please leave a message for aspiring music producers
PAUL CLEVERLEE: Never give up. There’s beauty in the struggle.
PRESH: Thank you very much for your time, peace ✌

The road to the top might be rough and difficult, but the most beautiful part of it is the view, especially looking back at how far you’ve come. Ire oo 🥂

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