I am touching lives through faces – Ogunsesan Adetola Sekinah

23 Feb

Presh Nation,

I was just surfing when I found Keenah makeovers, it turned out to be an interesting time with Sekinah. Enjoy

PRESH: Hello, please tell us about you
SEKINAH: I am Ogunsesan Adetola Sekinah, a beauty entrepreneur. I hail from Ibadan,Oyo State. The first child in a family of six. I’m a makeup artist and skincare therapist. I’m a medical student at LAUTECH

PRESH: Wow, such uncommon versatility, given the fuss around medicine, how have you managed to combine school and work?
SEKINAH: By making sure both are balanced well. I take calculated risk only. Most times, I have travelled for work when I know there is nothing much going on at school. On the other hand, I have turned down offers when I have to face my studies squarely. I pray too 😊

PRESH: Good, Were you born in Ibadan?
SEKINAH: Yes, I was
PRESH: We’ve had different views on life in Ibadan, how was your experience growing up in the mega city?
SEKINAH: Lol, I hope you didn’t hear that we are local people as they say. I did enjoy my childhood, I don’t really go out so I can’t say it was all fun but there are memories I would keep forever.
PRESH: Errrm lemme not lie, I’ve heard that before 😂 but you can prove it wrong, what’s fun about Ibadan?
SEKINAH: Everything 😊, the brown roofs, the fact that we have first in most things .Not overpopulated and you sure get to save as things are affordable. Most importantly, my people are not trekking right now 😊
PRESH: Ook! 😂 There’s a lot of sub there, I’m sure those trekking are already catching it. What makes make up an art to you?
SEKINAH: Makeup is a awe-inspiring art form . Creative use of hues are used to express the beauty. For example, highlighting and contouring helps to sculpt a face properly.

PRESH: So what made you choose this art?
SEKINAH: I chose this art because I like to enhance beauty even before I ventured into it professionally. I would like to restore confidence in women too .
PRESH: Interesting perspective, when did you start professionally?
SEKINAH: The journey started in 2016
PRESH: Did you have to go through series of trainings? Or how did you go about it?
SEKINAH: Yes I did, I was self taught so I had a training. I also interned as a makeup artist/educator
PRESH: Where did you intern?
PRESH: Were you paid as an intern or did you have to pay?
SEKINAH: No I wasn’t paid and I didn’t pay
PRESH: So it was a mutual benefit agreement
SEKINAH: Hmmm, yes
PRESH: Do you do travel services?
SEKINAH: Yes, I do
PRESH: In the process of self teaching, what were the things you did?
SEKINAH: I could apply a day to day makeup and tie gele that could pass for party guest. I had few clients to who trusted my art, money gathered was used to start my career

PRESH: How did you get to the level of them trusting you? Did you have shoots or something of such to showcase your skills?
SEKINAH: Yes I did, referrals helped too
PRESH: Your skincare therapy involves owning a spa?
SEKINAH: No, I make and sell skincare products
PRESH: How do you decipher what is right for which skin?
SEKINAH: Taking care of the skin requires knowing the different types of skin we have, ranging from oily to combination, tough to soft skin. I ask the client which he/she has or I ask questions to know if they can’t say. Also, I mostly use natural ingredients to stay on a safer side as most people don’t react to it. I use anti reaction ingredients in all production too
PRESH: How did you learn all these?
SEKINAH: I had series of training and I read online too
PRESH: Being the first child, how much pressure did you feel to succeed?
SEKINAH: No pressure at all, although I like to be independent but I wasn’t forced .

PRESH: Do you have role models in the industry?
PRESH: OK? let’s know them
SEKINAH: The likes of Bibyonce, Anitabrows, BMpro to mention few .
PRESH: What motivates you to do more in your line of work?
SEKINAH: Hmm, I would say I am touching lives through faces 😀 Clients’ satisfaction is paramount

PRESH: You’ve spent some time in the industry, if you would advice people who intend to join your trade, what would you tell them?
SEKINAH: Master your art well, carve a niche for yourself. Makeup keeps evolving, be sure to upgrade & update your skills. Don’t feel intimidated, the industry is a large one, but there are clients for everyone.
PRESH: In a final few words, sell your brand
SEKINAH: Keenahmakeovers is an affordable beauty brand .We provide makeup and gele services in Ibadan and Ogbomoso. We are available to travel also.
PRESH: Thank you for your time and all the best going forward
SEKINAH: Thank you too, Ameen
PRESH: Peace ✌

If you’re not happy doing whatever to do, then why are you doing it anyways? Ire oo 🥂

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