Be strong and never give up no matter what – Oyeniyi Bashirat Wuraola

16 Feb

Hi guys,
I had an interesting time with Wuraola, she really loves her work and I really want y’all in on this so just enjoy 👏PRESH: Please introduce yourself to us
WURAOLA: I’m Oyeniyi Bashirat Wuraola a 500l student of Ladoke Akintoka university of technology, department of physiology, I am the face behind gold_beautyworld
PRESH: Nice to meet you Wuraola, what do you do at Gold beauty world?
WURAOLA: Gold_beautyworld is a nail bar and spa and our services includes pedicure, manicure, facial treatment, nail fixing, eyelash extension, piercing and lots more
PRESH: Do you work alone or do you have a team?
WURAOLA: For now, I work alone

PRESH: How do you manage to cope with the stress cos these are a whole lot to take
WURAOLA: Hmmmmm, it has been God and with the help of our loyal customers. Many customers will always call to book an appointment and then we fix a suitable time.
PRESH: How did you start off?
WURAOLA: Well passion drove me down here, I love anything attached to beauty so I started from just looking at the nail techs whenever I see them work and then I went to learn it fully and here we are. It all started 6 years ago and then we have done many upgrades to stay in linePRESH: Interesting, let’s go back a little bit. Where are you from?
WURAOLA: Ibadan, Oyo state
PRESH: Did you grow up there?
WURAOLA: Yes, I did
PRESH: How was it like growing up in the mega city?
WURAOLA: Growing up was so though for me because I was raised by a single mother and things were not in place at all so I had to hustle to survive
PRESH: What secondary school did you attend?
WURAOLA: I attended our lady of apostle Odo Ona Ibadan for my junior secondary school and Oladipo Alayande school of science Oke Bola, Ibadan for senior secondary school
PRESH: Six years ago when you started gold beauty world, what foresight did you have?
WURAOLA: To create something big, unique, standard and the best of the bests. I know we are getting there.
PRESH: Have there been any challenges so far?
WURAOLA: A lot but God is greaterPRESH: Where’s your spa located?
WURAOLA: We don’t have a place yet but we do have a space at signet unisex salon located along nnpc _alata road Under G
PRESH: Trainings are usually costly, how did you manage to train for so many things?
WURAOLA: Yes I learnt all of them and I still want to learn more. I remember when I went to learn nails then in 2014, I had to take a job at a fueling station. I would work two days on and a day off so I used d day off for my nail training. With the help of my salary then. After then I went for an upgrade in 2016 where I learned everything I do now. Let me not lie to you, I took a loan for that upgrade but thank God I raised d money back from d same place cos they took me in as a staff after 2 month of learningPRESH: Wow, such price for greatness, did you get discouraged by anyone?
WURAOLA: I am so luck with people around me, my friends are very supportive in fact, they motivate me if I start mentioning them, you will know that they are good people and besides, I don’t entertain bad vibes
PRESH: Interesting, do you have anyone you look up to?
WURAOLA: No one but God
PRESH: What’s the next step now?
WURAOLA: I wanna learn more but that’s after school, because this final year is so tight
PRESH: What is the major thing you’ve learnt so far?
WURAOLA: I have learnt to be strong and to never give up no matter what
PRESH: Well, I wish you all the best in your exploits
WURAOLA: Thank u so much Symplypresh. God bless u
PRESH: Peace ✌Whatever you do, don’t stop learning. Ire oo 🥂

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