Aflon Fashion announces Radio collection on first anniversary

14 Feb

The creative director of Aflon Fashion Temilola O. Ogunrekun has announced on the Occasion of their first year anniversary which also happens to be her birthday that the much awaited pieces from the “Radio collection” are now available for sale.

Temilola Ogunrekun: Creative director of Aflon Fashion

In a statement prior to the official launch, she said “AFLON has with its keen invention of trends created the RADIO COLLECTION of self designed pieces for both ladies and gentlemen to look aristocratic in their outings, noble with style. The RADIO collection is bound to be a trendsetter as
such, here to stay for the next couple of centuries.

As Aflon Fashion is already known for their originality, she concluded by saying “The designs and pieces from this collection are well detailed and give special attention to styles, colours and fit”We wish Temilola a happy birthday and Aflon Fashion a happy anniversary.

Here’s a link to shop


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