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09 Feb

Hi guys,
It’s another lovely Sunday and Small but mighty Adejumoke Aderounmu is our guest and one important thing is to ensure that you don’t give up. Enjoy!PRESH: A lot of people know you as Esther or small but mighty, please introduce yourself properly to our readers
JUMOKE: My name is Adejumoke Aderounmu, I work in the Nigerian entertainment industry, I could be an actor today, a tv /Radio personality tomorrow, I like to say I’m outhere using my talents to the glory of God. But I’m right now focusing on and exploring Acting.
PRESH: Nice to have you on board ma’am. Tell us more about you, let’s start from your childhood
JUMOKE: Had a strict childhood, my late mum was a disciplinarian and would rather lock her kids up indoors and went out with her keys, just so we didn’t get into trouble. I only had play chance at school when I was in the nursery. That’s basically my childhood, spent it mainly with my siblings and that’s okay.
PRESH: Sorry about your mum, a lot of people say they started acting from the church, was this the case for you too?
JUMOKE: I acted once at my Nursery (Art day Nurseries) school, but then I was in the church’s drama group when I was about 8plus, so I don’t know if that counted. but I started acting professionally in 2008.
PRESH: Interesting, you have a BA in International relations from OAU Ile Ife, but you’ve chosen to be an actor, why?
JUMOKE: Acting is my calling, took a long time to understand God had been waiting on me all long to lead me through it, but I’m grateful to God for clarity and his direction.PRESH: In 2008, you featured in the movie Arugba, what role did you play?
JUMOKE: I played princess ‘Mobandele in Arugba. She was the Ruling King’s daughter who secretly wanted to be the Arugba but couldn’t because she already lost her virginity, which was a taboo to the gods in their kingdom, then she had her friends plan a set up for the chosen Arugba to be raped, but didn’t succeed. That’s a very subtle but strong villain I would love to see track down Arugba’s family in the present day, in an Arugba’s sequel by the way.
PRESH: What was the experience like being your first time on screen?
JUMOKE: My experience on the set made me decide to consider acting professionally, TK had me treated like I was a professional actor, I had my hotel room when I arrived the location and they would come pick me with the actors vehicle whenever they needed me on set, then I walked into a ready set and did my thing, then they drove me straight back to the hotel, and I had thought that luxury comes with every production set, until I had to come into the reality that those kinda production set doesn’t happen all the time. And that’s also okay.
PRESH: OK 😅 how did you get role?
JUMOKE: I had walked into his office to be auditioned for the Arugba Role, and God called me “Princess Mobandele”.
PRESH: Was that your first ever audition?
JUMOKE: That was almost my 300 audition 😂 please Moyo Lawal, Mary Remmy Njoku, the late Nora and I had been the audition Queens before then, that’s how we landed our roles in “the return of one more man, Patriots and I got on The Unwritten, then lost contact with them for the period I went to audition for Arugba
PRESH: Wow 😅 this is for a lot of people that give up on the first try. So, you’ve been on many more movies ever since, which one would you say brought you in the spotlight?
JUMOKE: So I will say God had used my role on Jenifa’s diary to announce my anointing, though I had been on Alakada2 playing myself, but there was not much buzz about me in the film, people saw me and said “oh! You look like the girl in Alakada2, was that you?”. But God had worked with Esther to push me to the point where people just call me “Jumoke or Esther”PRESH: Did you also have to audition for your role as Esther?
JUMOKE: Yes I had a closed auditioned for my role as Esther.
PRESH: Tell us about Funke Akindele as a director and as a person
JUMOKE: I can only speak of her as a person if I have a close personal relationship with her outside work, I have only been privileged to see her outside work once at her husband’s birthday party in 2017, and that’s not enough time for me to speak about her person. She is a disciplinarian and a tough lady at work though, and that’s why she has earned her spot. That Spot Doesn’t Come Cheap

PRESH: I saw you act comedy alongsides Adedimeji Lateef once, is that a line you’re looking to tow?
JUMOKE: I am not a comedy actor, I am an actor. “When Love Is Not Enough” (my new film coming to the cinemas on the 28th of February) is a complete Serious Contemporary Drama That Spoke About One Of The Most Dreaded Diseases in the World. The last 3years had been beyond me and majorly about God, so I’m just a vessel listening to that voice that says “let there be light”.. if you love the comedy skit, Thank You So Much But God Owns All Of The Glory.
PRESH: Tell us more about this movie, is it your original? And is this your first?
JUMOKE: This movie is “When Love Is Not Enough” it is a film by “Lolo1 Entertainment”, Stars Deyemi Okanlawan and Myself.. we were surrounded by the greats Abiola Segun Williams, Ayo Adesanya, OMotunde Adebowale Lolo, Funsho Adeolu and other amazing actors. A Film Set In Lagos Nigeria, talks about Family, love and life’s inevitable Vanity. That’s all I’ll say for now, please see it and let me know what you think afterwards.PRESH: Very nice, a lot of females complain about directors that make sexual advances towards them in a bid to get roles. Being a queen of auditions, did you ever encounter this? And how did you handle it?
JUMOKE: So every actor is a King/ Queen of auditions, it’s part of the perks of the Job and it’s a thing to be proud of as it stands you out and every successful actor audition for roles all the time, it is very okay and normal. Your second question is one I have never addressed publicly because I’m more about the positive all the time, it’s a place God had helped me attain, so I don’t speak about whatever he isn’t saying to me, if any creation misuses a position given to them by God, They’re his creation and it’s okay to leave him with them. I am hoping I answered your question.
PRESH: Yes, you did. Apart from “when love is not enough”, what else do you have incoming for your fans?
JUMOKE: 2020 is packed and y’all better be ready for God! I am excited and looking forward to God unpacking his plans. We already know “La Femme Anjola” is coming and we all are excited about that too. I barely talk about anything until God has finished his work, so we stay on that path still.PRESH: What’s your advice for people still trying to come into the industry?
JUMOKE: First you can not do it without God if it’s your calling, The higher you go, the tougher it gets, so you’re going to Pray like you don’t work, and your entire existence depends on prayers only, and you must not quit no matter how bad it gets. It’s okay to take a little break and breathe whenever you are burned out, but don’t ever quit. I am a stan already.
PRESH: It’s been such a pleasant time with you, thank you so much for your time and audience
JUMOKE: ❤️🙇‍♀️🤜🙌🙏 Thank you so much for having me
PRESH: We’d hope to be in touch soon
JUMOKE: I’m just a text away, always a pleasure. God bless you
PRESH: Peace ✌Do not give up, do not stop trying Do not lay down your sword before your payday. Ire oo 🥂

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