People discouraged me a lot, but nothing can stop me – Comedian Buzz

02 Feb

Dear Presh Nation,

Originality is the best way to go and that’s what Akinyoola Ayoola has proven once more. The Ibadan bred comedian is our guest for today. Enjoy

PRESH: Please introduce yourself to us
BUZZ: My name is AKINYOOLA Ayoola Buzz, known as comedian Buzz. I’m a stand up comedian, Actor, Script writer, Mc, Content developer
PRESH: This is the real na only you Waka come 😅 How do you manage to combine these?
BUZZ: Lol, it’s God’s Grace
PRESH: Interesting, tell us about yourself generally
BUZZ: I was born into the family of 5 as the 2nd born to BARR. & MRS AKINYOOLA. I was born and raised at Iyana Church, Iwo Road Ibadan. I studied Mass communication at Oke Ogun Polytechnic, Eruwa. Comedy for me is something I love doing even before I started making money from it so I’m only getting paid for what I love doing most. I practice Script Writing at my leisure, I love writing stories

PRESH: Talking about comedy, you’ve sort of picked up the ‘agbero role’ why did that come as naturally as it did?
BUZZ: As I mentioned, I was raised around Iwo road and Iwo road is a general motor park. The concept is what I see in my day to day growing up. I never thought it would be so funny. In my secondary school days, they use to call me thug because of the area I was living, so whenever we had break time and we were playing, what I loved acting was the role of a tout, and it was always funny
PRESH: It’s usually somewhat natural for us as Africans to have parents not support dreams such as comedy. What was the reaction of your parents?
BUZZ: My mum supports me a lot, she’s been the one paying for my EVENT CENTER for my annual event, but my Daddy was not in support he actually wanted me to be a LAWYER like him..
PRESH: Have you been able to get him on your side yet?
BUZZ: Not yet, He is not in Nigeria now, so maybe if he has the opportunity to see me perform once

PRESH: Because of the role you play most times, did people’s perception of you change?
BUZZ: Of course, people discouraged me a lot, but nothing can stop me, that’s my uniqueness
PRESH: Someone else plays a similar role, do you see Broda Shaggi as a competition or as a role model?
BUZZ: I don’t see him or anyone as a competition and besides I don’t have a role model, my style is different from his own. Most people call me small Shaggi, I don’t know why. We might run the same character we are not using the same concept. Woli Agba is different from Woli Arole. This is what I need people to understand. To anyone that want to know the real definition of an AREA BOY, come to my page. Area boys don’t speak English, Correct or not correct, they don’t speak it at all. Can’t say about Igbo side or Hausa land ooo but the few states I’ve been…No Tout will speak English to you!
PRESH: Interesting, so when exactly did you become a professional comedian?
BUZZ: Started Professionally as a standup comedian 5 years ago!
PRESH: You studied mass communication, do you have any plans to pursue a career in that line?
BUZZ: Sure! Soon, Comic programs though!
PRESH: Who in the comedy industry do you particularly look forward to work with?
BUZZ: Broda Shaggi and Seyi Law

PRESH: Why them?
BUZZ: Because if I have the opportunity to be on Shaggi’s page for just 24 hours…the world will know me!
Also, Seyi law is someone I watched while growing up, I love his craft and uniqueness!
PRESH: Interesting, what challenges have you encountered so far?
BUZZ: Getting underated because of the style I choose is one major challenge, it took me a whole year to get people to accept the fire
PRESH: And so far can you say they have caught the fire?
BUZZ: Not yet boss, the world hasn’t seen us yet. Soon by God’s Grace
PRESH: What are the things you have to say about the Nigerian comedy industry?
BUZZ: Mad improvement oo. You start making money as an upcoming comedian! And this is a great improvement for Nigerian comedy industry…we now have more comedians than musical acts. Unlike before when everyone wanted to sing, now everyone wants to do comedy. We bless God
PRESH: Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
BUZZ: Globally rated comic act, By God’s Grace

PRESH: Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to do comedy in Nigeria?
BUZZ: Just be original, be hardworking, respect everyone that comes your way, be prayerful, be humble
PRESH: What should your fans expect from you now
BUZZ: More of BUZZ! More of KAMO! More of GOD
PRESH: I really hope that you achieve your dreams. Thank you for your time
BUZZ: Amen bro! You’re welcome
PRESH: Peace ✌

Your only Competition is you. The moment you see that, you’re bound for the sky. Ire oo 🥂

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