School Diary 1: Admission By Korede

20 Jan

Student life is one of the most beautiful times one could ever experience throughout his or her life. It is the most important phase of life in molding ones career either in a positive or negative way.

Gaining admission into school could be so exciting and joyful, I can remember the day I got admitted into my dream school the butterflies in my stomach were mumbling, jumping and dancing, the atmosphere was filled with joy and everyone was jubilating My dad said “A1 student has scaled through another hurdle, I am proud of you” at that point my head was at the detriment of bursting😂😂, Everyone who knows my mum would know that she is the SPIRIT KOKO kind of woman the only thing she said was, Thank you Jesus for I am grateful complete the good work you have started ,My brothers were not even bothered about the success the only thing one of them said was start working on your sharp mouth.
I was so overjoyous that ‘Ti Eyan Ba Geshin Ninu Mi Ko Ni Ko ese’, I went to my room and I started crying because I knew it wasn’t easy gaining admission with the education system of the country.

I was looking forward to leaving the house because my cousin was always gisting me about school and I wanted to explore another city entirely and see what life is like there and so I started counting the remaining days left for me to leave home to my school.

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