“Stay motivated no matter what” – Miracle Peter, Miramax

15 Dec

Good Day ladies and gentlemen, panel of judges, accurate time keeper,,,, OK, I’m just joking 😂 How have you been? Miracle Peter is a guitarist and a music producer. He’s here today to tell us about his journey so far. Enjoy 🍿PRESH: Good day, my name is Presh, you’re welcome to The CHAT
MIRAMAX: Good day and thank you
PRESH: Can we meet you sir
MIRAMAX: My name is Miracle Peter popularly known as Miramax. I am a Student, Music producer, a recording and performing guitarist.
PRESH: So tell us Miramax, what tribe are you from?
MIRAMAX: I am from the Yoruba tribe Oyo state to be precise
PRESH: Ah, what’s your Yoruba name?
MIRAMAX: Olusola 😊
PRESH: Nice 😁 So, did you grow up in Oyo state?
MIRAMAX: No actually, I was born in Ibadan but my family and I left Ibadan for Calabar when I was still very young, so I practically grew up in Calabar
PRESH: Oh, tell us about your early life, the move, your education and all
MIRAMAX: Adapting in the new city wasn’t a problem for me as you know I was still very young and barely knew anything, so it was easy learning the life there, except for the language barrier. I had my education all up to my Junior Secondary in Calabar and my senior seconday up to my University here in the west, I am currently a student of Ladoke Akintola University
PRESH: How did you pick your passion for the guitar?
MIRAMAX: Well that’s a very long story but I’ll cut it short Music has always been my passion from childhood I guess I got that from my Parents, they have this strong love for music which I grew up realizing, when I was very young I picked interest in tribal drums (Agbamole) my dad noticed this and decided to get up series of instruments and a teacher for each, this way I was able to have a basic idea of the drum set and the piano, at this time I had not taken music seriously it was still just a passion, I practically had love for all instruments, and the point when I moved back to west I fell in love with the talking drum, the instrument used to amaze me a lot and I wished I could play it so on this faithful day I just got back from school, lo and behold My Mum surprised me with a talking drum, to cut the long story short I started playing talking drum professionally and had the basic idea of piano and the drum set all these happened when I was still in secondary school. I was doing music at this point but wasn’t satisfied I still couldn’t express myself as much as I wanted to, I started learning Lead guitar after my secondary school it was less challenging due to the idea of piano I already had
I learnt everything really fast it felt like lead guitar had been waiting for me all those years, I had a better connection with the guitar than with the talking drum so my passion for it kept growing till date
All the music ideas I have had over the years have actually helped in widening my view of music, also made music production quite easy and enjoyable for me
PRESH: Interesting, seems like all my guitarists got their inspiration from home. What genre of music do you do or are you Jackie that does it all?
MIRAMAX: Well I love all genres of music but I’m currently a huge fan of Afro Pop

PRESH: So, for how long have you gone pro?
MIRAMAX: 2013 till date
That’s about 6years +
PRESH: How has the industry treated you so far?
MIRAMAX: Well it’s not been so fair due to the fact that the industry is very competitive but I have learnt to survive and keep doing my thing
PRESH: What have been your best experiences and what have been the worsts?
MIRAMAX: There’s been a lot but one best I could think of right now was the first time I got payed for my craft I felt so fulfilled
I have had a whole lot of bad experiences too but one I can say now would be loosing my sister
PRESH: I’m so sorry about your loss. You mentioned being a producer, can you mention some of your works?
MIRAMAX: So far , I have been opportune to work with several top artists in Lautech and its environs, though most of these tracks are not yet out , but I can assure you that they are done and ready to hit music platforms come 2020

PRESH: Awesome stuff, which guitarist do you look up to?
MIRAMAX: I look up to Norman Brown, John Mayer, Fiokee, Femi Leye, Kunle Ayo
PRESH: Gladly, Femi Leye has been on the Chat before, and he mentioned King Sunny Ade as the reason he plays guitar. Did the Icon also have an influence in your journey?
MIRAMAX: Oh yes I forgot to mention
I learnt to play guitar listening to songs From King Sunny ade, Yinka Ayefele and Ebenezer Obe
So yes KSA influenced my Journey very much
PRESH: Moving forward, what are your plans for the future?
MIRAMAX: A whole lot of plans are in place for the future. Expect to hear more from MIRAMAX even in the year in view 2020. Lots of projects are cooking up ,and it’s going to be let out when it’s done

PRESH: If you’d advice anyone coming into the music Industry, what would you tell them?
MIRAMAX: Stay motivated no matter what
PRESH: Those are words to keep to heart. Thank you very much for your time
MIRAMAX: You most welcome bro
PRESH: Peace ✌You heard the man, whatever you do, ensure you stay motivated. Be true to yourself and be happy. Till I come your way again, Ire oo 🥂

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