My mouth almost put me in trouble

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18 Nov

It was one of those summers, I wasn’t the “summer coaching” kinda kid, I went just about twice in the whole of my about 14 years of primary and secondary education. It always playtime for me in that period. There was always a clause, family visits was a punishment I never wanted. I mean, there were places I loved going but there’s this group of places lemme not say I kinda detested.

One time I had done something wrong, my dad picked me by the ear inside the house and after the scolding, I knew what was next an unwanted trip. I was never told where, they just dropped me once in a while I’d have a clue but this time I wasn’t familiar with the road. It was Ikotun, but unlike Jakande estate which I had thought we were headed to I didn’t know till we got to the house.

While inside, I realized they used coal when I entered the kitchen, I knew I was in trouble, at least there was a little comfort in ‘Estate’ which was one of my most dreaded at the time 😥 I immediately asked for the toilet, I was told there was a pit laterine at the back of the house, at that moment I prayed I’d never need to go there. Three kids, the second a boy and we formed an alliance almost immediately in football.

The next day, I saw their mum cut the ball in pieces but I didn’t know that was what she was doing. It was time for us to play and we saw the pieces just outside the kitchen door. He was furious. Of course mum didn’t say a word so he blamed it on his elder sister. We gathered money to buy another ball, we spent all our savings together with someone from the next compound. Two days later after we had bought it, I heard mum tell his elder sister to send both of us to the main road (an hour 30 minutes walk to and fro) and in the evening as usual football time, his sister did as instructed. He was furious once more, all day we’d been free, why now? We left, he was grumbly, reiterating how much he hated his sister.

As Lasisi would say “Mumuuuu meeee!” I should have kept quiet, but no, my village people won’t let me be. I announced “its your mummy oo, she’s the main problem. She’s the one that tore the ball and told your sister to send us out” what I said is not bad shey?

The next morning, I was told to pack my things and bring to the sitting room. I did, afterwards, she told the sister to follow me to take bus to our bus stop so that she’d control me and I won’t tell everyone that she’s a witch. I said ha! Ashey he had gone to tell his mummy oo, he said I told him that she was a witch. My face in my hand I carried my bag. That’s how pursued me like someone that they banished from the village in nollywood movies.

A whole me that they used Carina E to drop, see me jumping to mount bike back home. My heart was doing Gish Gish as I got home, but luckily, they told my parents that they had an emergency trip to make. I ran to the toilet cos for those 5 days, I stayed away from the latrine 😂

Blessing in disguise though cos I dint stay long but I thought we were gees. I learnt diplomacy by force 😂

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