Things I wish I had (Series) 1

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08 Nov

As an only child, I grew up mostly all by myself. I had a couple of good friends around that made me forget temporarily that I was alone but as they made way to their various houses at night reality often dawned and I was by myself again.

I went to school and saw siblings come to school together, protect each other, play together and share stuff, I loved what I saw but I knew there was a slim chance of feeling what they felt. I had a few people I took as siblings but most times I grew over protective of them maybe cos I dint have many like them. Once I got home from school, I barely went out, I grew fond of being by myself, I had became independent or so I thought, even when I had problems, I found a way to solve them myself or with my parents. I never knew when to open up or when I needed help. I always thought I can do this myself, I don’t need anyone but one thing I’ve come to realize is that a man is not a man until he knows when to seek help.

Recently I started to enjoy more the company of people. My contact list grew drastically but all along I still felt nobody cares and my problem is my problem alone and nobody else’s. A few people proved me wrong but it’s so most of the time.

I always wished to have a sibling at least one, a girl. One I’d protect, all those boys that’d try to get close 😂 and the one guy that would end up coming to take her away. I always loved seeing that too.


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