“…keep pushing believing and praying…” – Mr. Litt, Fashion designer and Photographer

30 Oct

Hi guys,

I had a lit chat with Mr. Litt himself, the CEO of Litt Wears and Litt Phography. We had a swell time as he took us through through the events that led to Litt becoming a brand.

PRESH: Can you please introduce yourself
MR. LITT: My name is Ogbuokiri- Nduka Akuhienne Chukwuemeka most. People call me Emeka or Mr Litt, I am a graduate of computer information systems, Babcock university. I am a fashion designer and a photographer.
PRESH: Alright Mr Litt, did your name Litt by any chance come about from the ‘Suits’ series?
MR. LITT: Kinda, it did. I was in a struggle trying to get a perfect name for my brand that’s suits me well and then in school when I make outfits the usual comment on it was ‘guy it’s Litt’ and I was like I could as well name it Littwears. Also my favorite series then was suits and the favorite actor was Luis Litt so I found a way to merge my likes and what people called it to get the name.

PRESH: Very nice, so, how was growing up for you?
MR LITT: Growing up wasn’t so easy because I was the first child so I had to go through all the stress of doing everything myself without help except that parents are there to help so I guess I learnt how to do most things myself

PRESH: Oh, so where did the passion for fashion designing and photography come from?
MR LITT: Growing up as a kid whenever I planned on going out with parents I was always having difficulties selecting clothes mostly Cos they weren’t fine or not my taste so I decided to start my clothing line where I design really fine outfits so people wouldn’t have the stress of checking through all their outfits to pick out what to wear and for photography I have always loved pictures taking pictures so I guess I turned a hobby to a job

PRESH: So when did you launch your brand?
MR LITT: My fashion brand was 2010 but officially 2012 July then Photography was 2017
PRESH: Oh, so you’ve been longer in the Fashion industry, what’s the experience been like?
MR LITT: It’s been up and down. Slow at first but as it progressed, it reduced but now it’s been going back up a bit
PRESH: What have the major challenges been?
MR LITT: Just government policies , getting major clients , economic instability also
PRESH: Can you enlighten us a bit which government policies have affected you?
MR LITT: Closing of borders

PRESH: Oh really, how has that affected you?
MR LITT: When borders were closed down, it affected the price of materials in the market. Also the change in the dollar price affected us. It made the cost of production more and with the economy in recession, people don’t have enough money to then purchase items the way it used to be thereby forcing vendors to reduce the price they sell to make little gain.
PRESH: Must be tough, you mentioned you made Litt clothes in school, does this mean you were still in Babcock when you started?
MR LITT: I started in secondary school before Babcock
PRESH: Wow, that has been a long time coming. Did you have any role models in the industry while starting?
MR LITT: No I didn’t
PRESH: So it’s safe to say you were a man trying to create your own originals

PRESH: So, to the photographer in you, what makes your brand unique?
MR LITT: I would say there is a big difference but I just try to make sure my customers are well satisfied with whatever I deliver to them
PRESH: If you were to pick one of both, which would you pick?
MR LITT: I don’t think I can
PRESH: Awesome, what would you say to those that want to be like you?
MR LITT: All I can say is they keep pushing believing and praying and one day it would fall through for them
PRESH: Thank you very much for your time
MR LITT: No problem, Thank you too
PRESH: Peace ✌

A wise man once said your life is a message. Well, I’m all ears. Ire oo 🍻

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