It is passion that will keep you moving when challenges arise – Victoria, RM_PRO CD

22 Sep

Good day guys,
It always interests me to bring on entrepreneurs cos no two stories are the same. Today I’m with self sponsored Akereja Victoria, a make up and gele artist, the CD of RM Pro. Enjoy

PRESH: Can you introduce yourself to us?
RM_PRO: My name is Akereja Victoria Morenike creative director of @rm_proo
PRESH: Nice one Victoria, what do you do at rm_proo
RM_PRO: Basically makeup and Gele artistry
PRESH: That’s nice, tell us a fact about you
RM_PRO: I am a very kind but principled person
PRESH: How did your make up and gele journey start?
RM_PRO: It started 2years ago during the last long Lautech strike, I enrolled for makeup training in June 2017 when I was tired of sitting at home and I started my brand on the 1st of August 2017

PRESH: Interesting, why did you pick make up? I mean it could have been fashion designing or catering, so why make up?
RM_PRO: I had learnt several things before learning makeup, that was before I gained admission into Lautech. I learnt event decorations and I was still learning to be an engagement anchor before I started learning makeup, I had great passion for tying Gele because I could tie Gele naturally very well without getting trained so my mum Advised me to learn makeup as makeup and Gele goes hand in hand
PRESH: So what challenges have you been faced with?
RM_PRO: Losing clients and that’s due to the fact that there’s slight change in my service price now that we have a studio but I know things will be well again as it part of the growth too

PRESH: It’s definitely part of the growth, where’s your studio located?
RM_PRO: Peaceful oladoyin shopping complex adjacent glow pictures adenike Lautech area
PRESH: Alright, you mentioned your mum earlier on, how much of an influence is she to you?
RM_PRO: 💯 she has taught to be hard working and to be independent as a lady even at this age she doesn’t want to hear me mention man to her yet… she always tells me to build myself and stand firm and things will fall in place at the right time
PRESH: Hmm, tell us about your childhood, must have been interesting growing up with all that vibe
RM_PRO: It was not interesting oo my parents are strict, we were not allowed to have friends so it was just me and my family
PRESH: Interesting, Who are those you look up to in the industry?
RM_PRO: BMpro, jojo’s touch, Oteniara, edens glam, Tboy Gele and so on
PRESH: Who did you learn from?
RM_PRO: Onpoint makeovers
PRESH: So in the learning process, who footed your bills or did you pay yourself?
RM_PRO: I paid myself. But my mum supported me in buying of products
PRESH: 2 years down the line, how well do you feel you’ve come
RM_PRO: Big ooo I really can’t wait for life after Lautech

PRESH: Looking back, would you have done anything differently?
RM_PRO: Looking back all I see is my past, and I will just let the past stay in the past so no regrets, everything I have been through has built me for who I am today
PRESH: Hmm, deep, moving forward, what next for RM_PROO
RM_PRO: We are still growing, we’re upcoming and hoping for the best
PRESH: Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of joining the trade?
RM_PRO: If you have passion for it go for it, because it is passion that will keep you moving when challenges arise
PRESH: Hmm, beautiful words, thank you very much for your time
RM_PRO: Thank you
PRESH: Please leave your contact for those that would require your services
RM_PRO: 08139366510
PRESH: Peace

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. Ire oo 🍻

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