“…Update yourself, embrace mistakes…” – Joseph, CEO of Emerald

01 Sep

Hi guys,

This time we’re here with one that seems quite emosh. A microbiologist and an entrepreneur, the CEO of Emerald, Igbayilola Joseph Mayowa. He has quite a story to tell, Enjoy

PRESH: Good day boss, please introduce yourself to us
EMERALD: My name is Igbayilola Joseph Mayowa. I’m a Microbiologist and an entrepreneur, I graduated from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta in the year 2017 and served my father land in the year 2018/2019, Born and bred in Lagos, but Indigene of Oyo state And I’m from family of 11
PRESH: Interesting, Typical example of big happy family. Tell us about it
EMERALD: Yes it is, Igbayilola family has no dull moment at all, whether the team is complete or not. It’s a family God created on a special day. We have uneducated parents but now we’re graduates of Applied Mathematics, we have Accountants, Microbiologist to mention a few. It’s a loving family
PRESH: How sweet, tell us about your childhood, growing up in the same house with 10 people must have been such an experience
EMERALD: In a room and parlor, wasn’t funny, I never noticed it was awkward back then until my uneducated old man built his house and we moved in. You know why I never noticed? I think it’s contentment, back then we weren’t satisfied but we were not hungry. We slept on mat for years, when the only spring metal bed we had back then was for my old man and his wife. We were so rich that we had a black and white TV in our parlor. You hit the side deck several times just to get a colored Tom and Jerry. We were so rich, we only put on new clothes during Christmas. We were so rich that we trekked miles to school.
PRESH: Hmm, deep story, it’s soothing that we don’t look like what we’ve been through. Talking about school, did you choose to study Microbiology?
EMERALD: Hmmmmm a big one. I never did, not even a wish. To be a medical doctor was the boy’s dream.

PRESH: So you dreamt of Medicine, studied microbiology and ended up an entrepreneur
PRESH: How does it feel? and do you have plans of going back to the medical profession?
EMERALD: I never saw it coming, Hmmmmm that’s a big one, have always wanted to fulfil a dream in the medical profession in which I will do in the future
PRESH: What part of entrepreneurship have you ventured into?
EMERALD: Branding, I specialize in shirt prints, also Painting
PRESH: Tell us about branding, what does it entail?
EMERALD: Branding is wide so to say. It’s an art of speaking your impression and intentions into reality
PRESH: Interesting, there are a number of branding companies out there, what makes you stand out?
EMERALD: My watch word for my brand is Creativity is Class, that’s what makes the difference. We have a very friendly price which doesn’t lower the standard of what we give.

PRESH: Creativity is indeed class, and anyone that has seen your work can attest to that. What’s the story leading to your entrepreneurial journey?
EMERALD: Yes, it’s been over the years, I think since childhood that I had passion for prints, I left primary school back in year 2001 then I spotted a printing shop, the techniques were so poor then. I told my old mama, mama I wanna learn at that age she was amazed, meanwhile I was the only child that took that step then, aside academics. I was learning and at a point in time I had to stop, that was when academics were seriously calling, I thought it’s was my calling then, going to school, studying, having good grades for me back then. Glory to God we are among high flying students academically. But, during my service year, my eyes opened, mind shaped up, thoughts kept brooding in. What’s gonna be your selling point, nobody owes you anything. That sound kept coming not even your blood relatives. So I maximized my time, I found a place I could learn the genuine techniques, back then in Ekiti State where I served. I came across Jegs Clothing’s, I joined as an intern and learnt to add up to the in-born creativity.

PRESH: Nice, nice what year did you serve and were there any fees attached to your learning?
EMERALD: I served in the year 2018, and Yes, there was a fee attached.
PRESH: So, it’s safe to say you utilized your alawee well. Outside of branding, you also paint, was this also a part of the childhood dream?
EMERALD: Yes, It was
PRESH: What are the things you do for fun?
EMERALD: Video games, Pes to be precise. I Play football too, although it’s been a while
PRESH: Nice, from Intel, you’re also a decorator
EMERALD: Yes, The decorator story started from my church. I decorated my church back to back, I kept on enjoying all I was doing then regardless of how it looked. Till I became firm in it.

PRESH: Interesting, so where next for Emerald?
EMERALD: Emerald is on the verge of stepping out strong, we keep on equipping and learning so as to give the best. Presently I’m learning an aspect of branding, I just enrolled for it, and that’s Embroidery design.
PRESH: What does embroidery design deal with?
EMERALD: It’s a technique that uses wool as it’s own print material in designing
PRESH: Oh, nice, in the process if branding, do you make designs?
EMERALD: Yes, in branding there are processes, of which design is one.
PRESH: Have there been top companies and people queuing up for your services yet?
EMERALD: We are just starting, and we have brands that really show interest in us and believed what we give the best, the likes of Holla-Dee Janitorial services in Lagos Island, Sportlens360 a sport analysis site basically for the Nigerian premier league, to mention a few, we have branded we have music bands and various personal clients that love our services. We brand for eateries and so on

PRESH: Is there anything you want to say to these people that have believed in you so far?
EMERALD: Yes. Thanks for believing in us @Emerald like our watch word Remember we don’t compromise standard we will keep our promise never to compromise standard and we will give you the best.
PRESH: Any message for people that want to make waves in this field too?
EMERALD: For those that want to make waves, keep your head straight, give room for improvement, update yourself, embrace mistakes, then humble your little beginning.
PRESH: Nice words, it’s been a wonderful time so far, it’s always sad to say goodbye but we have to. So it’s a wrap here, thank you very much for your time
EMERALD: Thanks God bless symplypresh, and more so, we are looking forward to brand for symplypresh
PRESH: We’ll surely look into it 😊 Peace ✌

There’s a price for success, it’s quite expensive but trust me when I say Failure is more expensive. Ire oo 🍻

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