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11 Aug

Good day,
Mama is here today with Olukoya Daniel popularly known as Icey, he’s a Music promoter, a digital marketer and an aspiring Politician. Here’s a glimpse of their discussionMAMA: Can we get to know you?
ICEY: Olukoya Daniel is my name
MAMA: So what do you do?
ICEY: I’m a Music Promoter and a Digital Marketer
MAMA: Nice, can you tell us a bit about your background
ICEY: I hail from Ogun State, I’m from a family of three and I just finished at Babcock University Last month
MAMA: Oyaa, Latest graduate. When did you start this line of work?
ICEY: Lol 2015
MAMA: Being in the music Industry isn’t an easy task so how have you been able to get people to work with you?
ICEY: Well, it has been the grace of God basically and the good quality songs of artistes I work with, that made it easy.
MAMA: Can you tell us some artists you promote?
ICEY: Viktoh, Pepenazi, Seyi Shay, Ola Dips and more
MAMA: You mentioned also that You’re a digital marketer, can you tell what it is all about?
ICEY: Yeah I went into that last year, I didn’t want to have just one thing doing I wanted to have another alternative Incase music promotion business didn’t work out.
MAMA: So how has it been since you started?
ICEY: Too many ups and down but we thank God it’s going well.
MAMA: Well, you are also into politics?
ICEY: YesMAMA: So can you tell us about it?
ICEY: Sure, I’ve loved politics since secondary school the passion escalated again recently
MAMA: How have you being able to combine both the political, digital marketing and music promotion together because it is not easy?
ICEY: I’ve not started the main politics yet, that’ll be done when I’m done with my service
MAMA: During the period you were still a student how were you able to blend Work and school
ICEY: Hmm it wasn’t actually easy at some point wanted to give up, but I persisted.
MAMA: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
ICEY: Davido
MAMA: Why davido? Do you also promote his music?
ICEY: I don’t, I just like his hustle
MAMA: What inspired you to go into music promoting and digital marketing?
ICEY: My love for music and my addiction for social media
MAMA: Is there not gain in this music promoting and digital marketing?
ICEY: There is
MAMA: Can you tell us more about how you get your gains?
ICEY: Getting to meet new people and making money haha
MAMA: 😹😹😹 and gbam you are making your money
ICEY: lol Yeah
MAMA: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
ICEY: Doing politics
MAMA: Knowing you well you are a strong member of APC and you have connections with strong APC leaders how were you able to come about that?
ICEY: It’s all GodMAMA: Despite the way people bad mouth the All progressives Congress, why do you develop so much interest for them!
ICEY: They’re honest leaders in the party
MAMA: Can we relate this music promotion to a public relations officer?
ICEY: They’re different
MAMA: So you said you promote viktoh’s music how has working with be like?
ICEY: Working with Viktoh was great , he’s more than a client now he’s my fam
MAMA: Hmm so you guys were able to build a cordial relationship?
MAMA: Can you tell us how you were able to build up your customer -client relationship?
ICEY: Hmm that wasn’t really a challenge . I’m a cool and friendly person so everyone finds me cool and nice probably cause of my lively nature.
MAMA: Hmmm.. Yeah I can testify to that😹😹
ICEY: 😝😝😊😊
MAMA: How has the labor market been? Knowing we have different music promoter with different strategies?
ICEY: Well, everyone one has his own time to shine so there’s enough space for everybody to succeed. So the market has been great
MAMA: You mentioned in your background that you studied at Babcock the course you studied is it related to music promotion?
ICEY: No. International law and diplomacy
MAMA: Can you leave a word of advice to upcoming promoters??
ICEY: Always believe in your self
And Always push the right songs
MAMA: Thanks for the session ❤💓❤
ICEY: You’re welcomeIt is important to note that celebrating someone’s shine won’t take your shine away. There’s enough room at the top. Ire oo 🍻

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