Don’t wait for opportunities, look for them – Kehinde Adegboyega

14 Jul

Talking about PR, anything Media at all, think no further Kehinde Adegboyega is your guy. Mama had him on an exclusive interview.MAMA: Good day, Can we meet you?
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: I am kehinde Adegboyega, brand and digital marketing strategist, content producer and documentary film maker
MAMA: Nice, so can you brief us about your background?
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: I am a graduate of mass communication with over decade experience in marketing, brand management and media. A member of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations and Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
MAMA: Can you share with us some of your childhood experiences??
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: My primary school was in Lagos State, secondary school and Tertiary education in Ogun State. I initially wanted to study Law but because I couldn’t meet up with the cutoff mark in my first sitting and I didn’t want to stay at home I opted to go study Mass Communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun in 2001, Post Graduate was at Lagos State University.
MAMA: So how have u been able to get connections as a PR strategist
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Frankly, because I focus on small businesses which are not yet to appreciate the value of brand management and communication, maybe also because of limited funds, I have not been able to get much patronage. I offer services like trainings on customer service, brand management and digital marketing. Documentary film making is also an area I am exploring.MAMA: You did a creative design for the Molkali that is yet to be out what was the inspiration
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Lol..I think there is a mix up on that…that picture wasn’t related to the Molkali movie in Cinema…it was a picture I took during a street photography recently at Ojuelegba…The boys are apprentice with a Mechanic coincidentally too.
MAMA: Wow.. It is really a coincidence. Nice one So you also do photography adventures??
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Yes, I do almost everything media… photography, radio and film. I have acted and participated in the production two short films. I am an Alumni of the British Council Nigeria Creative Enterprise program in Film (NICE). I am also in advocacy. I presently volunteer for some NGOs like Enough is Enough Nigeria because I am personate about good governance in Nigeria and making democracy work for us. I am also a member of YALI Lagos NetworkMAMA: You must be a diligent and tenacious person. What has been your greatest inspiration so far
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: To be different. To fulfil purpose. To contribute to my quota to make Nigeria a better, safe and prosperous nation.MAMA: Hmmm.. You have just been making mention of Nigeria so far, what peculiarities did you see about the country knowing fully well the way people condemn Nigeria??
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Nigeria is BLESSED in every way. We have the people, the culture and the resources. However we have bad leadership. Our politics is plagued tribalism and corruption. Corruption is killing us. We need a conscious active citizens that knows that Nigeria could be 1000 better and will work and demand for it!
MAMA: You mentioned something on YALI Lagos network can enlighten on us on what it is all about??
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: The YALI Network provides members with invaluable opportunities to connect with other leaders in their community and to learn from experts in their fieldMAMA: What is content producing is it the same as content marketing???
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Content production covers every form of production, audio, visual and text. Content marketing is the strategic use of content to market products, ideas, services or a cause.
MAMA: Can we say the hood you grew up from influenced your idea on documentary film making
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: I will say my experiences, other people’s experiences and my interactions with the society off-line and online
MAMA: Can you tell us more about the NGO’s you volunteer for what are they basically doing??
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Enough is Enough Nigeria is focused good governance and accountability in Nigeria. They have run and are part of different campaigns like #OpenNASS. One of their major focus to get more active citizens that will demand good governance in Nigeria. They are key participators and organisers of the #OccupyNigeria and #BringBackOurGirls Protest.
MAMA: Being a member of Nigerian institute of Public Relations and Advertising Practitioners council of Nigeria isn’t an easy how were you able to scale through?
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: It was easy because I studied Mass Communication from a recognized institution. I just had to apply and pay the necessary fee.
MAMA: Would you advice upcoming mass comm student to attend the instituteKEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: What I will rather advise any students of communication or media is that they should not limit their education to the four walls of the classroom. The curriculum taught in our classes are OUTDATED they don’t really represent the reality of Digital Disruptions that has happened to the profession. Today’s media should extensively look at the digital media content production. They should look at Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, blogging, Media entrepreneurship, Independent production and all that. We can’t continue to go to school because we should go to school. The mainstream media today is saturated … PR and Ad Agencies today are being disrupted… a good media school must prepare students for this PRESENT DAY REALITIES.
MAMA: Who inspired you??
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Without trying to be spiritual, God inspires me…He gives me inner strength to keep going… People and organisations doing Amazing thing inspires me. I am inspired by family, friends and the universe.
MAMA: What is our advice for upcoming people in your field
KEHINDE ADEGBOYEGA: Improve your skill.. increase your network strategically…don’t wait for opportunities, look for them, ometimes they come disguised as fee hard work. Open your mind to opportunities.
MAMA: Thank you sirThe ground would only bring forth fruits if we work on it, nothing comes free, get to work! Ire oo ­čŹ╗

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