Ikogosi warm springs: From camping to Tourism

12 Jul

What has developed into one of Nigeria’s most sought after tourist attractions was not always a tourist site, rather, what is now known as the Ikogosi warm springs in the land of Igede, was a feared region until Rev. McGee in connection with the Nigerian Baptist Convention decided it could be better utilised.In 1952, Southern Baptist missionary, Rev. John S. McGee, from his mission base in the nearby Ekiti town of Igede, went to the source of the hot and cold springs, about which he had heard from the Ikogosi people. Initially, he was discouraged from doing this, for reasons of the tradition he had heard from the local residents, which was that nobody should ever visit the source of these two streams, because of the idea that to do so would be to invite death from the supernatural forces that were responsible for this strange, and most unusual, feature of nature.In spite of these “warnings,” Rev. McGee made his way through the bush/forest, up the hill to the source of the two side-by-side springs. According to Rev. McGee’s later brief, written account, “After seeing it, I felt that it could be used for a good purpose. I discussed the possible use of it with some of the Mission and (Nigerian Baptist) Convention friends. With the growing interest of Royal Ambassador work, and youth work, we felt that it could best be used by building a Youth Camp. I took it up with the Ekiti Association and we decided to build a camp for our R.A.s and G.A.s. The land was secured through the Convention.”
in 1978, the entire property was sold to the Nigerian government by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, for the price of three-hundred thousand Naira after the retirement of Rev. McGee.From that time forward, there was always the hope/intention of developing that area for tourist purposes, but it was not until 2011-2014, that the Ekiti government under the leadership of its Governor, was able to enter into an agreement with resources which have been able to develop the facilities to their current high level. Just for the record, for those who may be interested, any of the current, renovated buildings which have a STONE portion of their exterior, are buildings which were preserved from the original Baptist camp.

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