This game is about being consistent, just keep at it – Uche Franklin

15 Jun

Hi Nation,

Mama is here again and as usual she’s here with a guest of her own. It’s interesting to see what they have in store for us.

MAMA: Good day
FRANK: Hello
MAMA: Can we meet you?
FRANK: My name is Uche Franklin and I’m a Social Media Noisemaker
MAMA: Social media Noise maker in what way
FRANK: Basically I disturb, make noise, my page is always in your face. That’s what I mean by disturb
MAMA: Is there any other name we could call you apart from social media noise maker?
FRANK: 😂😂😂 You can also say I’m a Social Media Influencer
MAMA: The noise maker 😂 Tell us about your background
FRANK: Ok. I am from a family of seven. I’m the first child out of five. We live in Lagos and my childhood life was in Lagos before I moved to Osun State to school. My secondary education was in FGC Ikirun, Osun state and I’m currently a 300level student of the department of Communication and Language Arts in UI

MAMA: The opara of the Franklin family
FRANK: Yeah. The Opara of the Uche family actually
MAMA: Why did you choose to be disturbing upandan the streets of social media?
FRANK: 😂😂😂 Cos I basically like disturbing anonymously. And social media gave me that chance. Most people that follow my page don’t know who runs it but they have fun, so I keep disturbing them without then knowing who it is
MAMA: Knowing you physical you are not really the noise maker type so how have you managed to be so spontaneous?
FRANK: My Social Media self is way different from my physical personality. On social media I’m a noisemaker, I’m savage but I’m a very reserved person really. And the fact that I’m a bit anonymous helps with the popularity. So people don’t really know me but they know the brand name. So if I don’t mention the brand name you most definitely won’t know who I am
MAMA: What has been your greatest challenge so far??
FRANK: Personally my greatest challenge has been pushing myself and brand to grow bigger. Cos sometimes you can get comfortable where you are.
MAMA: Deep! Being a social media noise maker is not an easy task and you are still a student how have you been able to blend this task with your academics?
FRANK: It kind of affects the studies but its all about finding a balance between work and studies. And I can say I’ve being able to kind of find that balance
MAMA: What are your experiences so far in the industry??
FRANK: Its been an up and down ride. There have being the highs and the lows. I’ve had the chance to meet some bigger names and brands and some have being really helpful and welcoming. All in all its being a wonderful experience
MAMA: So far which brand collaboration have you enjoyed?
FRANK: I enjoy working with UI_Bests. He is someone I kinda look up to in the industry and working with him was an enjoyable experience
MAMA: How did you get your start as a social media influencer with a brand
FRANK: I started by entertaining my friends by with jokes and savage replies then I took it online. I started with Instagram first, it was all about giving the audience something entertainment they could relate with, and to build a community. So right now its about building on various platforms. So yeah I started from Instagram
MAMA: Tell us more about your brand
FRANK: We are just an entertainment platform. So we take contents from twitter and post on Instagram and also come up with unique content for Twitter
MAMA: Do u have any brand that you are working with in promoting them?
FRANK: Yeah I do. There are some brands I’m currently handling their social media presence right now. But they wouldn’t like that out in the open
MAMA: Let keep it anonymous then. How has being a social media influencer helped your life generally
FRANK: It has actually improved my confidence a whole lot. It has also taught me how to relate with people a lot
MAMA: Do u get any financial benefits from this work
FRANK: Definitely, it has its financial benefits
MAMA: Can you talk about it??
FRANK: Yeah, you obviously get paid from adverts you are paid to run. You can also get to represent a brand like I do for Teddinsight and you also get paid for it.
MAMA: Can you tell us more on Teddinsight
FRANK: We are a Digital Marketing Agency, and we basically use whatever media means necessary to create awareness for our clients. For instance, one client might need Instagram, while another might need LinkedIn. So we use whatever means the client needs to reach their target audience

MAMA: You said something on digital marketing how has it helped you so far
FRANK: Its has broadened my mind on how to reach more people using social media. Digital Marketing has changed the way I handle social media. It showed me social media from a totally different angle from what I knew
MAMA: What has been your greatest inspiration and what are you looking forward to?
FRANK: Greatest inspiration has being entertaining people. When people message me and say they follow my page and they love it and have fun there, it inspires me. And right now its all about growing bigger numbers wise. I look forward to growing.
MAMA: What are the greatest opportunities you have seen being a social media noise maker
FRANK: The greatest opportunities have being networking. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing guys, people I thought I couldn’t meet. But being a media influencer has afforded me the chance to meet them
MAMA: Any Word of encouragement to upcoming social media noise influencers?
FRANK: Consistency is key. This game is about being consistent, just keep at it.
MAMA: Thanks we appreciate your time.
FRANK: No problem. Anytime😊

You can do a lot of things, but if you don’t try, you’d never get to know. A comfort zone is a very beautiful dessert, nothing ever grows there.

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