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13 Jun

We debunked some rumours about dogs and also spoke on the type of dog for different families in our previous series but we would be looking into some other things about the canine today. Dogs have been known to contract a wide range of diseases. Some of these diseases are so lethal to the dogs and even to humans around them. One of these diseases is Rabies. Rabies is one of the most dangerous disease a canine can get infected with. Dogs that are rabid tend to be more aggressive. They don’t drink water often( they become hydrophobic). The sad aspect of the story is rabies has no cure. Dogs that have Rabies actually undergo euthanasia. They are killed because humans can get infected with rabies.

Extreme cases of rabid infection on man shows the man barking. Treatment of rabies in humans is very expensive and in extreme cases, survival chance is very low. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from contracting rabies is early vaccinations. Get your dog to the vet clinic to get the Anti rabies shots. You should also stop your vaccinated dog from roaming the streets so it won’t contract the disease from other stray dogs.
To add to this, dog spaying should also be encouraged. This practice actually prevent your dog from some certain diseases and it also reduces the rate of unwanted puppies.

What do dogs eat? Dogs are naturally carnivores but present dogs have evolved to become omnivores. They eat anything a human can actually eat. Some dogs are actually selective eaters. These types of dogs won’t eat household waste given to them, they instead prefer to be given their feeds that contains meat. A lot of people say giving a dog raw meat will make it bite more often. That’s false, though it is preferable to cook meats before giving the dogs so as to kill worms and other germs. Aside that, a dogs natural instinct is to eat raw meat cause they are carnivores.
There are actually some household food that are very dangerous to dogs. Example of such is onions and garlics. These two contains acetic acid.

Another example is the chocolate, chocolates are also dangerous to dogs.
What do you do when you are attacked by a dog? My advice is never run. First, humans can’t outrun dogs. Dogs have been known to have speeds of over 60km/hr.The fastest man has a speed of 11m/s but an average dog has a speed of over 20m/s. Large dogs actually have the strength to bring you down. Some breed of dogs have lock jaws and they grip on flesh. Do not try removing your hand when a dog bites you cause you can’t and you are even causing more injuries to yourself. So the best thing is to use any weapon at your closet and smash it on it head. Always try all possible means to avoid stray dogs, they can be so aggressive.

We just have to cut the article short cause we could spend the whole year talking about this creature. Thanks for your patience.

The End

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