“I hope to inspire people, motivate them and help them realize who they are” – Debby Felix

09 Jun

Hi guys,

A lot of people dive into a lot of industries and try to make the most of their talents. A lot feel just one field is not enough. Such is the case with the bright and chic Debby Felix as she takes us through her journey and her dreams.

PRESH: Good day, please introduce yourself to us.
DEBBY: I’m Debby Felix, an actor, writer, entrepreneur, founder of better me better world foundation and also a boy child activist.
PRESH: Quite interesting, we’ll pick them one after the other, but let’s start with you first. Tell us about you, your background and your growing up
DEBBY: Lol, I was born in Benin city, Edo State. Grew up both in Benin and Lagos State before I finally settled down in Lagos where I attended Caleb University and afterwards, pursued my career as an actor.
PRESH: Alright, when did you finish from Caleb university and what did you study?
DEBBY: I finished in 2016. I studied mass communication
PRESH: How was growing up like for you, dual states and all. There must have been experiences you can’t forget.
DEBBY: Hahahahahahaha yes… there are certainly experiences I can not forget. Well growing up was fun. I was with family. Most times I stayed with my grandparents whenever my parents were busy. Same thing with my cousins. So we just grew up together, creating many interesting memories.

PRESH: Do you have any plans for mass communication?
DEBBY: I have worked in that field before. And I might not be practicing it now but it’s my field so eventually I will again.
PRESH: While starting out as an actor, did you go to any film school? Or how did the transition come to be?
DEBBY: Yes I went to Royal arts Academy. Although I did my first job “Another Time” with closer pictures; Uduak Isong where I played the lead character.
PRESH: Tell us about the role, how was the experience?
DEBBY: It was exciting to finally act a proper movie. It wasn’t entirely challenging. Although for a first time, I couldn’t exactly express myself as I ought to. But with the help of the director, I think I pulled it off.
PRESH: People who don’t study theater arts usually have an acting group they started from (Church or school), is this the same in your case?
DEBBY: No. Never had any. I was a very shy kid. Still am anyways lol It has always been a part of me. I’ve always wanted to know how it feels to be other people. What it feels like to be in your shoes so I act in my closet. I never acted in public, not once.

PRESH: Must have been some natural talent being able to harness your closet skills into something quite productive on screen. Is there a director you’ve preferred in terms of working relationship?
DEBBY: No. I think they all have their own unique way of directing and it has equally helped me in every job.
PRESH: Tell us about your better me better world foundation
DEBBY: Well as the name implies, “better me better world” is an NGO that seeks to improve the lives of individuals; male, female and children. Through our various campaigns. For example the one I just launched “what about the boy child” directed to the improvement of the boy child in terms of ensuring that the male child is in a better position for a greater tomorrow
PRESH: A lot of females even males usually advocate for the girl child, what made you think in the direction of the boy child?
DEBBY: Well I didn’t just choose the boy child on my own. It was an assignment from God. I mean I fully support and encourage the growth of the girl child and women and have nothing at all against it because it’s also one of our focus at the better me better world foundation. But are there such organizations that protect and mentor the boy child? The rate at which young boys engage in drugs, frauds and cultism is alarming. We need parents, teachers, mentors, organizations, forums, to help change the way the society thinks on how a male child should think or should be raised. Education is not always within the four walls of a school you know, we have to give the boy child an education to be moral, kind, and be a man with integrity. That way, the women are also safe.

PRESH: Very thoughtful, tell us about your most recent campaign.
DEBBY: We visited a secondary school, brought a guest speaker along, there was refreshment and the students were happy. Some of the students also got to share their challenges with us. It was life changing.

PRESH: What have the challenges been so far?
DEBBY: It has not exactly been challenging. God has been good.
PRESH: That’s great then, back to your acting, how prepared are you for the attention that comes with stardom?
DEBBY: Lol I’m good. I’m prepared. It’s inevitable.
PRESH: You recently starred in Nora Awolowo’s ‘Soliloquy’ what are we to expect from the movie?
DEBBY: Symphonies, yes. Symphonies is something anyone would relate to because once in a while, if not every time, we all have to face the hard part of life and if we don’t control it, it will control us and get the best part of us.

PRESH: Is there anyone that has stolen your heart?
DEBBY: Lol yes. Jesus Christ
PRESH: 😂😂😂 what can you propose as a way forward for Nollywood with recent developments.
DEBBY: Well I believe funds should be readily available in order for us to have the capacity to move forward. Although we already have some top notch movies, we need more exceptional stories with captivating dialogue.

PRESH: You said you’re a writer, what kinda writings do you do?
DEBBY: I write movies in my spare time for myself. Then you can check out @debyyfelixpen for others
PRESH: That’s great, you also mentioned being an entrepreneur
DEBBY: Yes. My sister And I We have an Afro centric fashion business.
PRESH: We’ve not heard at all about your sister, tell us about her then the business
DEBBY: Lol my sister is good. We just order Afrocentric materials from some African countries and sell them in Nigeria
PRESH: Like the popular Kente from Ghana?
DEBBY: Yeah.
PRESH: What next for Debby Felix?
DEBBY: Well as time goes on, apart from my acting career which would be very big by God’s grace, I hope to change lives for the better. I hope to inspire people, motivate them and help them realize who they are.
PRESH: Great, it has been a very awesome time with you, thank you so much for your time
DEBBY: Yes, yes. Thank you for your time as well, God bless you
PRESH: Peace ✌

It is important that wherever you find yourself, you be the best you can be. Try as much as possible also to be a good influence to the people around you. Ire oo 🍻

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