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06 Jun

We already discussed the origin and some terminology associated with dogs in our last series so this series would major on Relationship between dogs and families and we would also de bunk some superstitious beliefs about dogs. Dogs has being believed to see ghosts or creatures humans can’t see. Well, that statement is actually false and even in the real sense, humans see better than dogs (even cats see better than dogs). The reason why your dog barks without actually seeing a thing is because of their great sense of smell. Research has shown that the olfactory lobe(sense of smell) of dogs is 48 times better than that of humans.

Dogs have being known to perceive emotions from far distances. For example, if armed robbers are attacking the neighbour’s home or one shocking occurrence that sends shock and tension into the neighbours, because of this creatures’ great sense of smell, they perceive the tension and start barking without even seeing any thing yet, that’s why it is believed that they see ghosts.
Dogs perceive wild range of emotions from their owners. That’s why owners are advised not to panic in front of their dogs as this could also lead to panic in their dogs and dogs who panics are prone to bite more often.

Now let’s take a look at the type of dogs for different families. Dog owners don’t do this research well when adopting a pet, they end up adopting pets that doesn’t suit their temperament or that doesn’t suit their environment and they end up regretting. We’ll just look briefly at very few breeds and their suitability.
Someone who doesn’t like noise should never adopt a German shepherd. This breed of dog are very noisy and even though they are very intelligent, they are not so matured dogs. Someone who likes to play,run about or do a thug of war with dogs shouldn’t adopt a neopolitan Mastiff. These large dogs are not the so active type, dogs for people like that are The Pitbull, German Shepherd, American Bulldogs etc.

Someone who doesn’t have the time to bathe and groom dogs shouldn’t adopt hairy dogs like Lhasa ahpso, terrier dogs, dashhunds and some other breeds that are very hairy. These dogs are prone to skin diseases if they are not properly groomed and bathed, so if you are very busy, don’t adopt any of these puppies. If you are the type that doesn’t like walking dogs, then you shouldn’t adopt large dogs as they require frequent walking. If they are not exercised well, they may develop bad behaviours that might even want you to give them up.
Different breeds of dogs are actually meant for different people. Find the dog that best fits you before finally adopting them.

In our next series, we’ll talk on what to do when being attacked by a dog, we’ll also talk on the diseases of dogs. We’ll also talk on the dietary requirements of dogs.

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