Love is not enough 2 – Presh

05 Jun

Love is never enough. Love is blind, I agree, Love is special, understanding, beautiful, again I agree but wherever love seems abusive, toxic, cruel, sad it’s not even love to start with. Lovers play around and have fun at times with pillow fights but why would anyone be in love with someone that abuses them physically, someone that hurts you on purpose!

I saw a video today, based on a poem by Paulette Kelly, beautifully acted by Dorcas Shola Fapson, ‘I got flowers today’, a lot of us love flowers, many gift them to their lovers to show their love, but in this case DSF after every brutal beating by her lover got flowers from him. She got them flowers not because it was her birthday, their anniversary or anything special. She got them because he beat her and she got them every time till she could no longer hold them.

She could no longer hold them cos she was now 6ft below. She could have ended it yet she let him end her. “If only she has the strength and courage to leave him, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten flowers today” – Paulette Kelly Now this is a two way thing, in the end, it would always be he killed her or she killed him. I read a while back of a teacher that killed her husband. She had suffered in his hands and had been advised by friends and family to run away from the relationship but she decided not to, in the end she killed him because when he started beating her again, she took a knife to scare him but ended up using the knife to kill him.

Don’t get me wrong, it applies to both gender, females also abuse males physically. If you don’t run away from such person now, it might end up in a way you would never wish for it to. Ire oo 🍻

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