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04 Jun

There are a Lotta other factors apart from love that holds a relationship. Respect, commitment, vision are a few but even after the relationship is likely to bring forth fruits, there are some other factors we should consider not only for our sake, but for the sake of the fruits of the union.

Genotype is a very important factor in ensuring that we do not because of our own pleasure produce children that would end up coming to the world to suffer. A lot of relationships have hit the rock because of this essential factor and it is only fair on the kids that we do not cause them eternal pain for our own selfish interests.

There are people that have decided to stay without kids due to the fact that they’re too perfect to be apart and they do not want to bring in another endangered generation.
There are others that have decided to risk it, stay together, hope that they can have a few kids that can escape the SS genotype. Some are that lucky, some aren’t. This is why, a lot of marriages occur today because one perfect couple had to break up due to genotype issues.

It is always going to be a difficult decision whether to stay together or separate, but whichever, let’s always think of the future when making that choice. Ire oo 🍻

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Precious Olawumi

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3 thoughts on “Love is not enough 1 – Presh

  1. I read what you posted on your status, went further to the site and read more…. If I may ask;
    • What brings the togetherness of a man and woman when it comes to love and does it match to last if it is uncertain while in doubt?
    • What breaks relationship between two parties?

    1. Good day sir, I’d be glad if you can rephrase your first question sir.
      On the second, anything can break a relationship, depending on the level of commitment between the two. At times, as little as a lie seems, can end up disrupting things.

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