No is no, the victim is never wrong – Presh

29 May

I love it when I see people in love, a man and woman mutual about their feelings for each other. Everything they do is consensual and nobody is hurting anybody. I wonder why people think to forcefully have intimate relationship with the opposite sex is fun.

Rapists, pedophiles are monsters that sometimes end up creating other monsters. It is wrong to see someone and forcefully take their dignity for any reason. Be it that they’re unconscious, drunk, weak, sick or even dead. Yes! I said DEAD!

Its so sickening that there are people in this world that can’t control their urge and go as far as having sex with people in the morgue. Some go on and desecrate the sanity of a child, someone that can’t give consent, someone that barely knows what is going on.

Humanity cannot survive with these perverts in the system. In a world where I can’t leave my kid in a creche without the fear of him or her being defiled. We honestly need to do better. The perpetrators of this evil aren’t aliens, they are men and women walking on the streets like every other person.

“Rape is a wicked act that should never be condoned, the victim is never at fault” – Falz

No is no, the victim is never wrong, forget what he or she was wearing. You take advantage of someone because they are weak, you are a murderer. You’ve just killed their pride, sanity, esteem, ego. Whether male or female, anyone caught in such act should be subjected to capital punishment. Let’s not do what would create more monsters in the future. Ire oo 🍻

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Precious Olawumi

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