“No situation is worth your neck” – Presh

27 May

All my life I’ve always thought of what it feels like to be dead but I’ve never wanted to try it because of course, life is sweet. It always beats my imagination when I hear that someone made an attempt or succeeded in taking their own life. Like how? What could have happened? What were they thinking? Why did they think ending it is the best thing?

In the beginning, I thought it was insane and unreasonable to think so but then it struck me that not everyone has steady mental capacity, not everyone can think straight, not everyone can withstand pressure, not everyone can stay sane in the face of the mentally draining situations we find ourselves in this world.
If its not work, its love or money, but is it really worth taking one’s life for? Think about it, that boss giving you a hard time will continue to live even after you’re gone, that partner that left you, will continue on this earth while you journey to the land unknown, the money you took that sniper because of will later come in excess to those who wait. Davido said good things happen to those who wait, no lies, ask Mr Spellz, Olajumoke, or even little Success or Taju.

Those ones aren’t A list enough? Ask AY the comedian what he had to go through and how long he had to wait before his big break came, ask all of them, they have one story or the other to tell of how hard things were before they got to where they currently are. They say there’s nothing new under the sun and since others could survive, why can’t you?

That Porsche or mansion, all those good things of life you don’t have, aren’t worth killing yourself over. If you die, you still won’t have them so what’s the point? That situation that makes you feel like giving up will pass, people will stop referring to it immediately you start doing better.

Live your life and be happy, no situation is worth your neck.

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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

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  1. Such a good write up. “Good thing come to those who wait” copy that. Thanks Presh the fine boy

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