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12 May

I gained admission into the higher institution and everything started to seem. High intentions, high morale, high dreams, expectations were as high as the hills in Saki. a few years down the line it became a place of Higher regrets a place of countless ‘could haves’ and ‘should haves’. “If I had” became my best line starter. “If I was” became all that was on my lips after all I never did anything wrong.

I kept on with ‘if I had’ studied medicine or even accounting ‘if I was’ not sick during those exams. ‘If this dint happen’ ‘if that dint happen’ all that did not allow me see the real picture the only ‘if’ I have now is if only I had taken responsibility for all that happened I’d have been in a better place. If I had accepted my shortcomings, if I had agreed that I was not just a victim of circumstance, if I had agreed that I was at the centre of it all, I was the focal point and only I had the power to change whatever it was that was that held me back.

The bottom-line however is that it is never too late to make amends. I stood one day and took my time to reflect on all that was and it was then I realized that all this is on me! even if I have fallen short of my initial expectations my final expectation is one I must not miss. No matter how long the summer winter, is coming. In fact, winter is here!

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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

.. .. .. CEO Symplypreshblog Founder of The Olawumi Precious foundation Has a ton of experiences in various industries from food to insurance to fashion. He's an introvert with a vision to one day preside over the most populous black nation on the planet. He's quite innovative and driven. In a bid to make a difference and to motivate people to become better, He chose a path that helps him relate with more people. He was a partner at the Icons Fashion Show 2019. He recently bagged a Bachelor's of Technology degree in food science and engineering.

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