GENDER: A poem By Symplygold

GENDER: A poem By Symplygold
11 May

1. She is called masculine, dresses masculine and walks masculine.
She is supposed to be an epitome of beauty
Instead she becomes the definition of mystery
She houses her soft, charming, sweet, and caring personality
Revealing a tough, coarse, and mean physiology
Hiding under the facade of brutality.

2. She guards the gate of her heart with every fierceness
This she does to protect from supposed devourers or trespassers
She looks so unruffled and undisturbed on the surface
But guess what, she paddles madly on the inside

3. She says “I’m wild”
She means “I’m mild”
She says “I’m indifferent”
She means “I really care”
She acts like Mike Tyson, but inside her is a Princess Barbie
She acts like Bruce Lee, but inside her is a Queen Liz
She takes her guard, and plays the boss
All a show to fit in the act.

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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

.. .. .. CEO Symplypreshblog Founder of The Olawumi Precious foundation Has a ton of experiences in various industries from food to insurance to fashion. He's an introvert with a vision to one day preside over the most populous black nation on the planet. He's quite innovative and driven. In a bid to make a difference and to motivate people to become better, He chose a path that helps him relate with more people. He was a partner at the Icons Fashion Show 2019. He recently bagged a Bachelor's of Technology degree in food science and engineering.

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