The Government is to be Blamed By Joshua Nicholas

10 May

“Our government nor dey try”, “the only thing dem sabi nah to chop money”; these statements and others are amongst the most frequently used in my country. Even a little child has started talking about “Government”.

Did I just hear you say; government is to be blamed.
Ok let’s see!

You that is a teacher, are you not a ‘government’ to all those children? You keep coming late, behave very harsh and you are always found outside your duty post.

You that is a trader and you are selling your goods N500 that you bought N150, swearing with God to your customers that you didn’t make any gain; can’t you see that the government (you) is really bad?

You that is a driver; and you carried a passenger that looks new to the area N250, for a drop that normally costs N100; and you still summon courage to tell him/her you don’t have ‘change’, and he leaves the money with you; and you are happy that you get good market abi? Yes truly the government (you) is extremely bad.

You that on sanitation day you were indoor watching TV, and now there is rainfall with flood everywhere (all thanks to the dirt you have used to block the drainage system) and you have guts to ask what the government Is doing abi?

You that is a student and you have refused to attend lectures, but you told your friends to sign your name for you; and at the end of the semester, you have 100% attendance. Yet you still go about singing “corruption is everywhere, the government is corrupt”, yes! you are right! They (you) are very corrupt.

It’s high time for Nigerians to stop the blame game; and stop looking for who is at fault. Take responsibility. Be sure that it is not coming from you.
You are not too small to make a difference; you don’t need to be a Governor – you are the government that I can see.
We cant keep blaming others for our failures and expect not to still fail.

From today I take responsibility for what happens in my nation. I am the Government!! This is the spirit.
God bless my country!!

The Nigerian National Flag was
designed in 1959 by Taiwo Akinkunmi.


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Precious Olawumi

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