09 May

You know, there are a lot of arguments and chaos that goes on in our minds day in day out. They toss us here and there, they go ahead to give us different ideas, either good or bad, they end up confusing us at times and putting us in a state of dilemma.
Before I move further, I would like to define the two key words, “Battlefield” and “The mind”.

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, a battlefield is the piece of ground on which a battle is or was fought. Also defined as a place or situation of strife or conflict.
On the other hand, the mind (which should not be confused with the brain) is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language, and memory. It is usually defined as the faculty of an entity’s thought and consciousness.
The mind is a place in us where we get to make a lot of decisions which can either make or mar us. We try as much as possible to make decisions that will make us and not the other way round.

It then brings to my consciousness that the mind is a very subtle and powerful tool in the life of a man. Little wonder did the Holy Book state “Guard your heart/mind with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life” and thus the popular saying which I quote “Watch your thoughts, they become your actions”.
You would want to take a little time to reflect on various decisions you’ve made one time or the other in life and you would agree with me that you thought of it either obviously or subtly before you finally executed the plan. Each time you want to make a decision in life, a battle line is drawn, a place where a lot of argument goes on, pops up, which I like to call “the battlefield of the mind”.

You are presented with different options which are being weighed carefully by you. You often times get to discern what the right option is, but it does not just seem logical at that particular point in time. You then suddenly become unable to discern between “good and bad”, “right and wrong”, “wise and foolish”. The situation on ground overwhelms you to the extent that it affects your sense of reasoning.
It brings me to want to paint a true life scenario, a true life scenario of myself. I always get to that point in my life where I want to make decisions where I want to make decisions and it becomes as hard as a bullet. I think so hard to the extent that I feel like i’m going crazy; I ponder hard on the choices placed before me just to make sure I make the perfect decision.

Now to the questions of the day; -Are you in charge of your mind or the other way round?, – What thoughts do you allow in that subtle mind of yours?, – What are the things you feed your mind with?. Remember you are what you eat, not literally now but figuratively; “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.
It is high time we stopped being passive about the battles that arises in our minds, it is time for us to be active. It is high time we started making decisions in our lives not based on intuition i.e. feelings but based on the actual facts, not blinded by the intensity of the situation on ground.

You want to make a decision probably “critical”, you do not have to do all the thinking alone. You can look for a second party, third party, or even more, provided they are people of right and positive minds, not like-minds this time around. You know why, getting people of like-minds this time around will only worsen the situation on ground.

– When you are going through life threatening challenges, the solution is not to worry yourself to stupor, neither is the solution to go ahead and take codeine, tramadol, cocaine and such other drugs; they make you feel like your problems are solved only for them to wear off and leave you hanging, worse than previous. Instead face your fears, dodge the spear and be the scare- Symplygold.

– You are in your nadir, you feel you are in the lowest point of your life, and you think it can’t be any worse. It’s only a facet in life; you got there, don’t stay there; leave that facet to another instead of talking yourself down.
– You get to that point where you don’t even know if you are good enough, you battle with your self worth and your soul becomes downcast. It is normal; you know what is not normal?, it’s to remain at that point. “Believe in yourself so hard that others would have no choice but to join in believing.

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