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09 May

Having established the facts that religion has in some ways affected the society academically and culturally. We then need to broaden our scope on the impact of religion in other aspects of the society.

Isn’t it paradoxical that religions which preach peace actually instigates war. Most of the wars occurring recently in our society is due to religion. Some Islamic extremists claim they don’t want Western education and because of these, they raid schools, capture and rape young school girls, bomb public places and do other brutal stuff.
Apostle Johnson Suleiman that calls himself a man of God once told his church members to kill any fulani herdsmen found in his church vicinity. He also said Christians should be ready to defend themselves at the sight of these people. I don’t know why such hate speech is found from the mouth of a religious leader.
The death toll in the northern part of Nigeria keeps rising. A lot of activities has been put on hold because of these violence. The Economy of the country is in bad shape. Even in other parts of the World, religion still incites a lot of violence.

Isn’t it also funny, that our society being so religious, still have a high level of corruption and Moral decadency. The vices in the society booms daily. Christians evangelise daily but the prison still receives more people even at a higher rate.
Looking at the life of religious leaders especially the Christian leaders. These people live extravagant lifestyles and leave the congregation penniless and hungry. They extort money from these poor or lower class of people all in the name of pronouncing God’s blessings on them. They tell their church members to give their all to the church, the ignorant ones would do so and end up going home to have nothing to eat, won’t people like this engage in Social vices if their expected double money did not show forth.
I’m not saying Pastors shouldn’t buy expensive things, but where do you think a full time pastor would get the money to buy a lamborghini if not the church’s fund. Pastors who want to live this life should do so with their money, not with the church’s money. People have been cajoled to give their all to the church that the Lord will repay them doubly.

Islamic Clerics too will claim that they are collecting “Owo Adura”. Why would a god that created me demand for my hard earned money before answering my prayers? Believers are praying to a god they can’t see and yet you are collecting money on behalf of that god. I don’t understand that concept. Instead of giving so much to these greedy pastors, Clerics or the so called religious leaders, these things can actually be diverted to charity. Humanity is actually the greatest religion a person can practice. I think that’s the religion the Biblical Christ left on earth, not this charade we practice.

If you want money, religion is not the solution, work smart and hard, get a good job and the money will flow in, you want to have a child of your own, prayer meeting is not the solution, calculate your ovulation period and fix one of those days with your spouse so you can both know yourself. You want to pass your exams, attending examination rallies or prayers won’t help either, do the needful instead.
Religion shouldn’t make us less rational, it should instead guide our thoughts.


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