The Call of a Nigerian Graduate Pt 2 By Joshua Nicholas

08 May

The call of a Nigerian graduate begins from here with younger family relatives looking ‘up to’, old family members looking ‘unto’, your classmates looking ‘into’ and you looking where to run to.
With the growing trend of unemployment in the market, the world needs you to create jobs raising more employers to employees thereby stabilizing the nation’s economy.

The Nigerian Graduate is a mother that just delivered her certificates. Your undergraduate days are your months of pregnancy. Every pregnant mother should be ready for delivery as nine months is pretty enough to give a tenant in an apartment a quit notice.
In the next 10 years, 20 years what will differ you from the others is your assignment and the problems you have been able to solve for mankind. In the next couple of months you will be refined and finished products of the university and the hope of a brighter and better Nigeria.

I want to challenge your charisma, question your intellect and put a rebrand on your CV. The organization you admire today became multi-national because someone paid the price. If God has called you to full time ministry take a step, if it is to be an academic; go for it. If it’s to be an entrepreneur, then start on time. Forget about your GP or class – it is not the class you left school with that matters, it is the dream inside your heart. I see people of substance in this age that will not play it safe and win the game. I see Nigerian graduates that will turn the tides and make her black nation proud and also bring joy to the African continent.

I see our youths making history and becoming people of global excellence and international value. The destiny of your nation is tied down to your success; go make us proud
Yes you can!
God bless Nigeria!

The Cocoa House in Ibadan was once
the tallest building in Africa. It was
built in 1965

*Brought to you by: NIGERIA TO GREATNESS Season 1*

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