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06 May

Have you ever wondered how you try so much, put so much effort into something and eventually, no one seems to notice or give a commendatory exhortation? Sometimes you feel discouraged or plain angry? You try to figure out how people pass your earnest actions by without so much as a glance, or how it’s the people that don’t even seem to put much effort into things that get so much attention and commendations? Hear this: no matter how small an action is, it’s like a seed planted in the soil ready to bloom into a wonderful flower.

People might not note your actions, maybe because they aren’t the ones that align with your “blossom”. Take into consideration that seedlings need tender care to germinate right. Maybe those you come across aren’t equipped with the right tools to help your seedling grow, not to talk of seeing it become a blossom.

Also, they may be toxic or even ineffective in handling this blossoming seed of yours so that if, by chance, they take the reins of handling your seed, they’ll wreck it or not tend to it at all. Keep on doing those worthy actions, keep on being persistent, tenacious, for that is a way of planting more seeds. Your consistence can be likened to tending to the little seedlings so that one day, someone’s going to take note of a little flower blooming into something gorgeous, and, trust me, they’ll never want to take their eyes off it to see what it transforms into eventually.

Some people might get their actions noticed so quickly. You must keep in mind that weeds grow so quickly, but deep down, they have no substance, nothing to offer, no matter how beautiful they might seem. Don’t become a weed by neglecting your seed. Tend to it. The world is awaiting for your amazing transformation!


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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

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