Religion and its paradoxes by Phizzet

02 May

Religion according to an English dictionary is the belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power,especially a personal God or gods. It is also defined as a particular system of faith and worship. The impact of religion in our society cannot be overemphasised. Religion has being known to reshape the thinking of many men and we’ve also seen what religious extremism has caused to our society at large.
Has religion actually helped to build or destroy our society. I will actually leave the reader to make his/her conclusion after this write up.

First, let us examine religion and western education or Let me say science. People have actually tried linking religion and science but the fact still remains that these are two parallel lines. Science has always in many ways gives us or shows us it distinctions from religion. The creation story is a major distinction of science and religion.
How has religion affected students. I would major on the 2 leading religions in our society which is Islam and Christianity. Christian students especially has been brainwashed to believe in a supernatural being that would supply questions before exams and answers during exams. They then neglect their books and use those quality time they are supposed to use to study to go to fellowship listening to junks from individuals that call themselves “men of God”. They spend hours speaking in gibberish and praying to our Supreme being who has already instructed us in his word that ” Study to show thyself approved…”. Instead of doing the needful, they believe in only praying to God to touch the heart of their examiners.

This also applies to the Muslims who in some cases also neglect their study materials and stay so long in the mosque. They might as well have forgotten that there is time for everything. Funny enough, most of the leading students are not so religious. I have a friend in school who is actually studying Medicine and Surgery. This guy only went to church for the first few weeks of his resumption. He made the decision that he would no longer go to church. He believes he has not gotten the conviction to believe in the existence of a supreme being. To cut the story short, our 1st semester result came out and he had 4.0 out of 4.0( that’s according to the grading system of UI), even I that didn’t missed Sunday services then did not have a clean result like his. So the truth is, you can actually make your first class or straight A(s) without believing in any God.

Let’s take a look at another scenario that occurred at International School Ibadan. All in the name of hijab (a Muslim female headgear), school activities were suspended for weeks. Extremists don’t understand the place of religion and Education. The school in view has a Uniform and the headgear was never part of their code of dressings. Religion has so blinded people that they forget to think logically or rationally. We’ve heard of the same instances in Osun state where every student put on their religious regalia to protest in the school. We’ve also heard of cases where a Muslim lady was not inducted into the law firm because she refused to put off her hijab. I don’t know what kind of god would get angry cause a believer temporarily put away her head gear to be inducted. A god that doesn’t like the success of His believers is no god.

There are many cases like that that we might not be able to talk about.
Religions (Christianity and Islam) has also affected us greatly in the aspect of our culture. These religions have painted many things that are culturally-inclined black. They made us to believe that observing certain cultural activities is immoral and against the Creator’s will. “Esu” of the yoruba culture has been made to look so bad because it was made as a translation of The English Devil( Satan of the Holy Bible or Shaytan of the Holy Koran).

To be Continued…

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