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28 Apr

Hello Presh nation,
Today, I am a very proud man. I took a back seat and Mama had her first interview. Indeed, we go far when we move together. She had a timeout with a social media guru and they sure had a swell time. Here’s a glimpse of their conversation.

MAMA: Good day
SEUN ADESANYA: Good day ma
MAMA: Can we meet you??
SEUN ADESANYA: Sure, I’m Seun Adesanya, a final year student of the University of Ibadan.
MAMA: Nice, Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
SEUN ADESANYA: Okay, I’m the first born and the only son out of 4. I’m from Ogun state. I was born and raised in Lagos state.
MAMA: Wonderful, we could say ‘father of many girls’ right?
MAMA: What do you do?
SEUN ADESANYA: I’m a Social Media Influencer, a PR and a Digital Marketer (Google Certified)
MAMA: Can you explain?
SEUN ADESANYA: An Influencer is someone who has a large amount of audience and uses it to promote a business or a brand to reach its desired goals.

MAMA: What inspired you to become an influencer
SEUN ADESANYA: Aside from the financial gains, I love being on the internet posting interesting content so I started gaining audience before I knew it I started representing brands. What really inspired me was my passion for anything online related
MAMA: So, should we tag you as a social media addict
SEUN ADESANYA: You’re free😂 I’m building connections and making money off it
MAMA: That’s good. You’ve been talking more on the monetary aspect can you help us with what you do being a social media influencer??
SEUN ADESANYA: Lol don’t mind me😂 You get paid when you represent a brand, when you hype a show or promote a song. There are many ways to it. Managing social media pages (Instagram and Twitter) is also another way to it. Buh then, Money isn’t everything you can benefit online, it’s also an avenue to meet people and build connections online.
MAMA: How did you start as an influencer and how did you decide on an industry focus?
SEUN ADESANYA: I started by launching my Brand which is UI CRIB after which I rebranded it to my name SEUN ADESANYA. I won’t say I have any Industry focus per say, I do the jobs as they come, I did few politics influencing in the just concluded Election. I basically do all, be it Entertainment , Business or Politics

MAMA: Hmm, The all round social media influencer. Social media influencing, public relations and digital marketing are they interwoven??
SEUN ADESANYA: Not really. You can be a Social Media Influencer and not be a digital Marketer. Digital Marketing entails everything about the internet and also understanding how Social media works. Social media I would say is a part of Digital Marketing but Social media Influencing and Public relations can be interwoven you’re simply using your audience to make a content reach the public
MAMA: Jow has your life changed since becoming an Influencer?
SEUN ADESANYA: I’ve met people who I’ve gained and learnt from.
MAMA: What’s been your biggest challenge as an influencer?
SEUN ADESANYA: I’d say it’s data. Network providers should have us in mind 😂 like we spend so much on data
MAMA: Really?? What’s most important to you when pursuing brand partnerships
SEUN ADESANYA: The brand is happy and satisfied with working with me, because when the brand is happy with your works it’d lead to getting more jobs through recommendations
MAMA: Can you explain more on it please, what is the biggest opportunity for you as an influencer
SEUN ADESANYA: That I would say is working with Dami Adenuga. Dami Adenuga is the manager to a popular Nigerian musician Slimcase. Learnt a lot

MAMA: What is the worst thing about being an influencer?
SEUN ADESANYA: Hmmm none I can think of now.
MAMA: Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers, How have you been able to enchance your brand through this
SEUN ADESANYA: We deal with the internet and it has helped to create awareness about my brand so other people using the internet can be aware of my brand
MAMA: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?
SEUN ADESANYA: With a logistic company in Lagos, Dios Ez Capaz. It’s the best collaboration because we were able achieve A lot together.

MAMA: What would you do if a client or a brand disagrees with your PR strategy
SEUN ADESANYA: There is an adage that states that, Rome wasn’t built in a day, therefore I would listen to their analysis and restrategize my PR plans for them or perhaps we could both set up a nice strategy together.
MAMA: What skills have you acquired that would help you communicate a client’s message?
SEUN ADESANYA: Overall a good PR candidate is one who has great written and oral communication skill and is able to be persuasive, meet deadlines, and make long lasting connections. Betsy Hays, the lead Public Relations Professor for the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at California State University Fresno, says, “A great PR professional is a great writer that understands human nature. They have beautiful intuition and can articulate their ideas in a clear, concise way.
MAMA: What has been your greatest inspiration in your brand and what are you looking forward to?
SEUN ADESANYA: I’d say my greatest inspiration is myself. I’ve always wanted to make impact in the society that drive is what keeps me going. And I’m looking forward to making sure my brand is known around the country.
MAMA: Your word of advice to upcoming social media influencers, PR’s and digital marketers.
SEUN ADESANYA: Keep doing what you do and be consistent because as we all know consistency is key.
MAMA: Thank you so much
SEUN ADESANYA: 😂 You are welcome, it was nice expressing my thought with you… To my co social media influencers out there just keep on pushing one day our hustle would pay off.
MAMA: Peace ✌

If you do not try, you’d never get to know. If you do not attempt it, you’d never win. It is better to try than to lose without even starting. Ire oo 🍻

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